Tips for Buying Furniture Online

furniture onlineSince buying furniture can quickly translate into a large outlay of cash, consumers like to know that they are getting their money’s worth.   And since purchasing furniture also means that said furniture will need to be delivered anyway, why not purchase it online, at a discount, and take advantage of the savings?   While this sounds like the best of both worlds, convenience and savings, there are still some tips for buying furniture online that could potentially save you even more money.

-When you begin your search, look past the snazzy website and the read customer reviews. With this age of instant technology also comes customer opinions.   Consumers love to share the good, and the bad, experiences of dealing with retailers.  Take advantage of their experiences.

-Once you find a company you are interested in, take some time to read about them.   This means checking out all about who they are, how long they have been in business, if they have multiple locations, etc.   All this information tells you if they plan to continue growing or if they are barely surviving.

-Can the company be contacted easily if you have a question before or a concern after the purchase? If the only route of communication with them is email this could be a sign that they like to avoid confrontation.   And why would a reputable company ever avoid their customers? A reputable company wouldn’t.

-The right company will also provide detailed shipping information.   Some companies will even offer free shipping.   But is it really free?   If they ship for free, but are consistently higher than all of your other options then they are probably just adding the shipping cost into the price of the furniture.   Get all shipping charges in writing before you pay.

-Make sure that the company has more than one of what you are interested in.   Is it a closeout? Has it been returned?   A reputable company will have more than one of their designs to accommodate multiple buyers.   If the set you are interested in is the last oneâ, ask when they will be getting in more.

-Does your choice have a physical location?   Many online companies also have store locations where consumers can browse, pick out what they like and order it from the online service. This eliminates the store from having to carry fifty of the same couch on-site.   Some will even ship your purchase to their physical location for free as a way of showing their appreciation for choosing them.

-What is the return policy?   Check for hidden charges such as re-stocking fees, handling fees, additional shipping charges, etc.   The return policy should be clearly posted on the website and should not require an engineering degree to decipher.

-Above all else, make sure that the website is secure.   Anyone can throw up a website, post pictures and fake customer reviews.   Research them in directories like the Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce.   Check out the URL.   Spend the time and do some research to avoid possible identity theft.