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bible and financesI don’t know if you know this but the Bible is packed full of financial wisdom!  With the Bible at the cornerstone of Free Money Wisdom, you’ll notice many of my articles come from a Christian perspective.  Even if you aren’t a Christian, following the Bible’s core financial principles will keep you out of trouble and reduce your chances of drowning in debt.

Now, you could simply read advice from the Bible and not act on it.  That won’t work.  Personal finance and improving your financial situation takes decisive action.

Here’s what I want you to do.  Take a look at the following Bible based articles and take away five tips and start using them in your daily life.  Whether that is practicing contentment or reducing your debt, there are plenty of everyday tips straight from the Bible.

I hope you enjoy these hand picked articles and start using the advice sitting right in front of you!

Biblical View on Paying with Cash to Get Out of Debt  – Staying out of debt is a Christian philosophy.  The Bible is clear about the danger of debt.  Although debt is not necessarily a sin, it’s something that God warns His  people  to avoid at all costs.  This article wrestles with ways you can use cash to escape bondage to big banks and move on with your life.


The Trouble With Tithing  – Tithing has been debated across the board.  I mean, just look at the Christian networks on TV and you’ll soon realize that there are people mismanaging money.  In this article, the topic of tithing is analyzed and just might change your view of this Biblical concept.


Controlling Expenses From the Top Down  – Can the Bible really guide you when it comes to reducing your expenses from a top down perspective?  Sure it can!  See what you can do about typical expenses like health insurance and entertainment and use the Bible as your guide to reducing them.


Investment Wisdom From Proverbs  – I love Proverbs!  Whenever I’m in need of some wisdom, whether it be life circumstance or money related issues, I go to Proverbs.  It’s full of advice and will transform your finances.  This article delves into some tips and principles anyone can live by to live a God glorifying financial legacy.


What is Stewardship and What Does it Look Like?  – Stewardship has always been a tough topic for em to understand.  What does God really expect of us?  Or what does God want us to do with our money and resources? In this piece, we’ll go over my own views on the subject then correlate them back to the Word.  You won’t want to miss this.


Top 5 Financial Verses for Christians  – I love “top 5” lists don’t you?  In this article, I had picked five verses from the Bible that have made an impact on my life.  Hopefully they do the same for you!


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