How To Thank Someone When They Give You Money

Throughout our lives, we might receive money for various things. This could include college graduation, a donation to your favorite charity in your name, a wedding gift, Christmas gifts, and the list could go on. I know that people have very mixed feelings about money and gifts. For example, I have a friend who really hates receiving money as a gift. I know, I know – It sounds a little bizarre. However, she would prefer for someone to go out and and purchase something with her in mind, which definitely makes sense. I, on the other hand, think receiving money as a gift is great since I can go out and pick out something I know I actually want. Regardless of your feelings on the subject, though, one thing we all have to do is thank the person who gave it to us (mostly because our moms told us so!) Here’s a good step by step to make sure it’s done in style.

1. Write It On Stationary

These days, snail mail is definitely a dying art, and that’s sad because a sweet, handwritten note just takes a small bit of extra effort. However, we’re more likely to sit down and throw out a quick e-mail to someone thanking them for their donation to our 5k race. However, you know how awesome it is to get a little bit of snail mail. There’s just something about opening the mailbox and having a nice note inside that can just make your day. The best part about getting into the habit of writing notes is that the giver will likely remember it more. This means they are more likely to do it again. Everyone loves a bit of affirmation and if someone knows that their efforts will always be appreciated, they’ll be more willing to give year after year.

2. Tell Them What You Used It For

When I was a kid, my mom always told me to write my grandparents and tell them what I bought with the Christmas money that they gave me. I am still in this habit to this day, and now I realize why it’s so important. Sure, it’s great to send a note that says, “Thanks so much for sending that $10. It was so kind of you!” However, it’s more meaningful to say, “Thanks so much for sending me that $10.00. Your contribution helped us raise $1,000 for charity! Those kids’ are going to be so excited when they find out they are getting new shoes!” It only takes a few extra minutes to jot down another line or two, and it makes the person really feel special for the gift they gave.

3. Be Consistent

People talk. (At least, they do where I’m from in the deep south!) Just remember that if you are going to send a thank you note to one member of the family that you send it to everyone else who gifted you something as well. It’s easy to forget or be more excited about the $100 bill than the $10 bill, but treating all gifts equally ensures you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

All I can say is that I’ve never regretted sending thank you notes. It’s always a nice, calming thing to do every year after the holidays or after my birthday. I just love getting new stationary and keeping up my address book. While I know that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s something about knowing that I’ll brighten someone’s day that keeps me doing it year after year. Plus, they get the satisfaction of knowing their money is being enjoyed and put to good use.

Do you give or receive money often? Do you like giving money as opposed to a specific gift that you bought at the store?

photo by lindsaydeebunny