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Free Money Wisdom is not going to be a success if it’s just me writing articles. I value varied opinions on financial topics and love hearing the other side of issues.

If you’re interested in guest posting, please read the rest of this page and contact me here.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • Articles that are truly valuable to my readers.
  • About any personal finance related topic (investing, saving, frugality, faith, etc). Just email me first to approve the topic
  • Original content not published anywhere else
  • Not self-promoting (we can use the bio-line for that)
  • No affiliate links
  • Include only images that allow for derivative rights (so I can resize and use them), or that you own outright.
  • I reserve full editorial and approval rights, including removing your link(s) and adding our own links to the article.
  • Please include your introduction. This will be shown at the end of the article and can include 1-2 links back to your site.
  • You’re free to republish your content after 3 months period.
  • Please send HTML code, as this speeds the publishing lead-time of your article.
Alright, if you agree to those few guidelines, I’d love to have you guest post on Free Money Wisdom. Please email me your information and guest post topic here or you can use the form below. I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’m looking forward to it!
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