10 Christian Personal Finance Blogs That Rock!

There are many personal finance blogs out on the web, but which blogs are worth your time if you’re a Christian?  No need to go out and research because I have hand picked ten top notch Bible based personal finance blogs.  Each of these blogs have epic content that you won’t want to miss.  I have a mini review for each blog, enjoy!


1- ChristianPF

Bob authors the blog over at Christian personal finance.  Christian PF was the first personal finance blog that I read when i first got interested in the subject.  He has been a mentor and helper in my journey to make side income from my online endeavors.  His content is always top notch and has a wide array of staff writers (I’m one of them). You can always count on a new article each day and know that Bob is always putting the readers first.  I highly recommend that you check him out in 2012.


2- Faith and Finance

Tim authors a Christian personal finance blog by the name of Faith and Finance.  Tim is the man.  Not only is he a friend but he is a business partner of mine.  We started our blogs at the same time so we have seen each other grow over this last year. Tim writes Bible centered content and never strays from his goal of sharing the good news.  He is a Christian first and blogger second.  I highly respect Tim for what he has done with his site.  It would be a mistake to not check out his site.


3- One Money Design

Jason from One Money Design has been around for a while and has been a top Christian personal finance blogger for some time now.  His true personality comes out in his articles and it’s always a breath of fresh air to see him relate real life events back into his articles.  I also enjoy the fact that he isn’t scared to delve into video.  It’s been fun getting to know Jason through his writing!  He covers a wealth of topics from retirement to Biblical finance.  I hope you enjoy his articles as much as I have.

4- Redeeming Riches

Jason Price has got to have one of the best looking personal finance blogs around!  His design has always attracted me and love his down to Earth articles.  It’s nice to see a blogger who focuses on getting to the point instead of long winded articles. Redeeming Riches is a blog you don’t want to miss in 2012.




5- Money Help for Christians

Craig is an example of truly living out the Lord’s mission in life.  Not only does he author a fantastic personal finance blog at Money Help for Christians but he is a missionary in Papa New Guinea!  Talk about multi-tasking!  The man is a machine and put a ton of effort into his writing.  When you visit his blog you can be confident it’s based on Biblical content.  He goes deeper than other PF bloggers and tries to dig deep into portions of the Bible. Check him out!


6- The Christian Dollar

John has been writing for the Christian Dollar for quite some time now and it shows.  I have seen his writing improve over time and it’s evident he places a high importance on quality content.  The Christian Dollar covers everything from blogging to eliminating debt.  I love John’t Biblical viewpoint when it comes to money.  Don’t miss out on his articles, truly epic content.



7- Free Money Finance

Free Money Finance is a blogging powerhouse. FMF takes home the bacon in terms of site size and industry influence.  Everyone knows about this blog and there is good reason for his.  Biblical principles are behind every article and you can be sure there will be a new article posted the next day. Free Money Finance also shares insights into the success behind the blog and how others can do the same.  Honesty and transparency are what this Christian blog is about.


8- KNS Financial

Faithful With a Few has always had a special place in my heart.  Although posting is not as often as other blogs, when articles are posted, it’s always great content.  I look forward to reading new posts from this blog and I never regret doing so.  With a Christian foundation, Faithful With a Few is a wonderful blog for someone looking for a Gospel centered personal finance site with a touch of “average American.”  You need to go check this site out.


9- Debt Free Adventure

Matt from Debt Free Adventure is one cool dude.  I used to staff write for his site and he has helped me out whenever I have had a question.  He has devoted his time to improving people’s financial lives and helping me get out of debt (thus his blog’s title).  Matt has a great group of staff writers who are excellent contributors.  Matt always puts his personal spin on his articles and makes sure it’s useful content for daily life.



10- Bible Money Matters

Bible Money Matters is another blog that I staff wrote for.  Peter put tons of effort into his design and blog content.  Not only does he lay out step by step how to save for retirement and get out of debt but he explains all these topics in video too.  Peter loves to cover personal finance topics but also puts in time to research current events and tie them back into our financial lives.




Well, I hope you check these guys out!  They are awesome personal finance bloggers who have a heart for the Lord.  There may be few of us Christian personal finance bloggers but we make up for it with epic content.  I can safely say that you will not be  disappointed  with any of these big time websites.  Good articles, personality, and blunt honesty are what describe each of these bloggers. Do yourself a favor and check them out!