Save Big with an Entertainment Book!

entertainment bookSince everyone loves convenience and saving money, it only makes sense to put the two together.   This is what you get in an entertainment book.   It gives you easy access to a multitude of valuable coupons that you don’t have to tear the house apart looking for every time you want to go out.   But in order to know how to save thousands with an entertainment book, you have to plan ahead.


Rule #1:

The first rule to saving: keep the book in your car.   That way, if you decide at the last minute to go somewhere, you’ll always have it with you.


Rule #2:

Books are available each year as of November 1st.   But if you can hold out for a month or so you can get one at a reduced price.   Saving money before you begin saving.


Rule #3:

Take some time to plan your trips.   If you don’t plan ahead of time you won’t realize that you have a coupon for somewhere until after you leave.   If you have a trip planned somewhere, take the time to scan the book before you leave.


Rule #4:

The travel savings are unbelievable.   Taking advantage of these deals can easily allow you to pocket some serious cash.   The retailers who advertise these deals in the entertainment book are able to offer such savings for one reason: they are counting on the likelihood that most people aren’t going to utilize these coupons.   Prove them wrong!


Rule #5:

Read the coupons carefully.   Each coupon has specific rules attached to it’s use.   Read them to make sure that you meet the guidelines before you leave.   This avoids the embarrassment and disappointment of finding out you don’t qualify when it’s time to pay.


Rule #6:

Categorize the coupons.   Put all of the meal coupons together.   That goes the same for clothing, sporting events, etc.     This eliminates the possibility of overlooking the one coupon that you need out of the entire book.


Rule #7:

Don’t throw any coupons away.   Many people will go through their book and pull out coupons that they think they won’t need as a way of thinning the herd.   They believe that this makes it easier to locate what they really do use.   As soon as you throw away a coupon you’ll inevitably find yourself in need of that very one.


Rule #8:

Online coupons.   This book allows you access to additional online coupons that will save you even more money.   These are coupons that you otherwise wouldn’t have.


Rule #9:

Let the book make the decisions.   Instead of dreading through the same monotonous evening over and over again, let the book decide something new and refreshing.   It introduces you to things in your area that you might not have considered before.


Rule #10:

Each book comes with a coupon for a discount on next year’s addition, including free shipping.


Rule #11:

Buy two books.   Sounds crazy, but you’ll find that the extra coupons that you can utilize in the second book more than pays for it’s cost.


Take these tips and go use your Coupon book efficiently and start saving.  The way most people use them is a waste of money.  The more you use them, the more you will be saving!  One word of caution though.  If owning an entertainment book is something that will tempt you to go out more and spend money you don’t have, you should avoid buying one of these coupon books.  For the rest of us, these books are a common sense way of saving hundreds each month on things we typically spend money on anyways!

photo by camkage