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I’m thrilled to announce my first e-course, “How to Retire a Millionaire: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need.”  It’s available to anyone completely FREE. All you gotta do is subscribe!  Call me crazy, but to spice things up a bit, I’m going to be giving away $50 in cold hard cash to one lucky soul!

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So, you might be asking yourself how you can win this cold hard cash.  Well, You’re going to have ample opportunity to win this cash.  Here are some ways you can rack up points to get you to the top:

1- Subscribe by entering your email on the right side of this page under the e-course cover or directly below this post.  Not only will you get 2 points, but you will get a free copy of my e-course “How to Retire a Millionaire: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need.”

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Subscribe and get my 7-day   e-course “How to Retire a Millionaire!”


“How to Retire a Millionaire: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need!”

I structured this e-course so a person with very little financial background can understand it.  I have included all the information, references, and tools that you will need to be successful on your journey to early retirement with millions in the bank.  Trust me, it’s actually not very hard to do!  Here is how I have broken down this 7-day e-course:

-Making Money is Essential

-Spend Less Than You Earn

-Saving Your Money

-How to Invest Your Money

-Roth IRA is King

-Remember the Big Picture

-What’s in your Toolbox?


You’ll find links within each email that will help you on your path to financial independence.  So, the e-course is free.  Subscribing is free.  And $50 in cold hard cash is waiting for you!  Subscribe today!