Yakezie Weekend Roundup #4

Man, what a week!  Sorry if you haven’t heard from me or seen me around.  My girlfriend has been in town I’ve been super busy!  It was a great week full of beaches, Hollywood, and relaxing with friends.  I need more weeks like this…

So, I did manage to read some excellent article during the week, so here is my weekend roundup with some of the finest reads!

In other news, I’m launching a free giveaway tomorrow for my latest e-course “How to Retire a Millionaire.”  Keep your eyes peeled, it’s coming tomorrow morning!

Here are some of my favorite articles this week:

Best cash back credit cards over at Free Money Finance

How to build an emergency fund over at Canadian Finance

Going Green on a budget over at Prairie EcoThrifter

Where to get free stuff over at Wealth Informatics

It’s our anniversary again over at KNS Financial

Go green, reuse household items and save money over at Sustainable Life Blog

Not your parent’s money book review over at The Amateur Financier

You have no freaking idea, do you? over at Control your Cash

Homeowners Insurance Rates Increase?  over at Ultimate Money Blog

Negotiating with your spouse over at Car Negotiation Coach


My staff writing pieces for other websites:

TradeMonster Review over at Money Crashers

Disappearing Middle Class over at Debt Free Adventure

Saying no is not always easy over at Christian Personal Finance

6 Mutual Funds to Hedge Against Inflation over at GenX Finance


Carnivals I was featured in this week:

Totally Money Carnival  #33 over at Free From Broke


What’s next?

Free Money Wisdom is growing fast, it sure is exciting.  I just wanted to let you know that I will keep up the every other day writing and not slack off.  If you haven’t already, subscribe for my free e-course.  I’m brainstorming ideas for my e-book, any ideas?


Have a great week folks!


photo by dimodi