Earn Big Cash Back With PerkStreet Debit Card


PerkStreet Financial is a relatively new company.  It’s not often I recommend financial companies on this website, but I just had to write a review on PerkStreet Financial.  PerkStreet is now offering a 2% cash back debit card plus 5% on select categories and retailers.  I know other companies like Discover and Chase offer credit cards with these deals, but who offers a debit card that can do the same thing and not take the risk of overspending on a credit card?

Simply put, there truly is something special and unique about a debit card that offers such great rewards.  Not only that, but PerkStreet is renown for fantastic customer service.  Let’s get into some of the benefits of using this card.



-Free checking account with your new PerkStreet debit card

-Unlimited free checks

-No minimum balance and no fees when your account is being used

-$25 bonus when you open your first account!

-24/7 customer support

-2% cash back with 5% in select categories

-Free fraud protection

-Your funds are FDIC insured

-One of the largest ATM networks in the country.  Over 37,000 ATM’s within their network

-Their online banking system is full featured and easily accessible


More on rewards

The cash back rewards program with PerkStreet is pretty straight forward but I should go over some details. PerkStreet has a vested interest in having you keep a balance in your PerkStreet checking account.  So, PerkStreet gives you an incentive.  If you have under $5,000 in your checking account, you will receive 1% cash back on all your debit purchases.  If your account has more than $5,000, then you receive 2% cash back on all your purchases.  Also, when you shop at select retailers, you will receive 5% cash back.

It’s important to point out that only non-PIN debit purchases count as eligible purchases.  In reality, many purchases require a PIN.  So, you will have to choose to buy something with a “credit card” and use your PerkStreet instead.  PerkStreet has basically found a loophole to provide massive value to their customers in the form of cash back!

Get your money back on each purchase.Compare the best cash back credit cards.


Their site is awesome

I don’t know about you but I can’t stand most bank or credit card sites.  It’s full of boring information and repetitive ads about their latest card offers.  PerkStreet does things a little differently.  With the various corruption stories lately, PerkStreet is out there to prove the skeptic wrong and become the “go-to” company for checking and debit cards.

They truly are dedicated to providing the best.  They financial blog is no exception.  It has a more personal feel to it and is very similar to other personal finance blogs.  Their writers clearly know what they’re doing.  The blog covers topics other than banking so it goes to show they are worried about your big picture personal financial life.


Should you open an account?

To answer this question, you have to decide what you are trying to accomplish.  If you are looking to build your credit, then this card is clearly not for you, since it’s a debit card, not a credit card.

Now, if you’re trying to avoid the temptation of credit debt, then this PerkStreet debit card is for you.  I’m actually thinking of switching to this card.  Knowing you have a cash limit definitely limits one’s spending.  I see this as a huge plus if falling into debt is something you struggle with.

I’d love to hear from the readers.  Who currently has the PerkStreet debit card?  What are your thoughts?  Good, Bad?  Share below!