Credit Sesame Free Credit Score Review

Don’t you hate those supposedly “free” credit report companies trying to reel you in to buy other services?  Do you just want the down and dirty about your credit report?  I just want my credit report number and move on with my life.  In all of my searching, only one company does this completely free and hassle free.

Credit Sesame to the rescue!  It really is the best way to get your credit score.

Tell me more…

Want your credit report in less than five minutes without the use of a credit card?  Well, Credit Sesame does just that.  No worries, they won’t be asking you for any crazy applications to be filled out or your credit card info.  They make zero money off of providing you with your credit report.  That’s why I like Credit Sesame.  They are an honest organization that truly have a mission of saving you money.  They actually make their money my recommending various banks or lower interest loans.  It’s a win-win. You save money and Credit Sesame stays in business.  Sounds goo eh?

Getting to know the dashboard inside Credit Sesame

All it takes is a couple minutes for the  initial setup.  To find out what your credit score is, all you have to do is a simple mouse click.  Thankfully, Credit Sesame only performs “softpulls” of your credit report.  You avoid credit score dings with this feature.  Another reason why Credit Sesame is the best.  Credit Sesame focuses on your large loans like mortgages.  It uses a website called  I don;t have a mortgage so I’m not sure how effective this tool is.  However I’ve read that it’s very accurate.

More than just a free credit report

Credit Sesame is a lot more than just another credit reporting company.  They focus on  finding lower interest rate loans to  replace  your current loans.  Here are some other things Credit Sesame can do for you for free!

  • Goal planning functionality to help you reach long term horizon goals. You can compare future savings and make decisions on estimated numbers.
  • Save thousands on your home mortgage. Credit Sesame has an awesome feature where they recommend the best financing across the nation so you know you’re not being left out of potential savings.
  • Consolidate your debt. It’s nice to know Credit Sesame is constantly looking out for ways to consolidate your debt and get your debts paid off faster.  After all, they have incentive to help you since they get a commission with their tier companies.
  • Debt management. You can check out outstanding debts in one place.  This is amazing for people who don;t want to use multiple websites.  Definitely a “win” in my book.

What about Credit Sesame’s security?

I know there will some of you who are hesitant about giving your social security number away.  If you use online banking or websites like, this no more dangerous. The encryption  technology  is extremely sophisticated these days.  Credit Sesame is a  trustworthy  company and sure to be around for years to come.  You can manually input your SS number if you are truly paranoid about it.  It’s up to you.  But, rest easy. Credit Sesame’s security on the site is top notch.

So, what was my credit score?!

In the quest for  transparency  on Free Money Wisdom, I will tell you my credit score according to Credit Sesame: a 740! It’s pretty good but I was hoping it would be higher. I think it’s on the lower end because I churn and burn credit cards for their bonus programs.

So, now that you have access to Credit Sesame, what’s your credit score?! It’s free, so why not check it out!  Comment below with your  experience  and let us know your credit score, I dare you!