Michele Bachmann: The Real Deal

michele bachmann

Well, I just finished watching the Republican debate in New Hampshire, Michele Bachmann was a pleasant surprise.  What an interesting debate.  There was some humor thrown about but was serious most of the time.  It cracked me up that everyone had some hate against President Obama.  Does anyone else think it’s crazy the way they had the screen setup?  It was almost like they were answering to God as they looked up to the screen.  Gotta love the debates.

My man Ron Paul ruled tonight, but of course got no mention from the media.  It’s a sad day in America when a candidate tells the truth, then is stonewalled.  He made the other candidates look stupid by bringing up the real issue of the current economic mess: sour monetary policy!  It really does comes down to the exploding national debt. It’s what’s going to take this country down.  I feel bad for Ron Paul.  He’s old, get talked over by the other candidates, and is too nice.  If he did get elected, you’d see America take a 180.  But that’s just a dream.  Everyone knows that the media is totally biased and gives him no attention.  If they did, he would be our next president.

So, realistically, who would win the presidency according to tonight’s debate?  I’d have to go with Michele Bachmann.  She had some great one liners and showed herself to be one powerful public speaker.  I love how she is so outspoken about Obamacare.  Only time will tell how serious she is about going through with her promises.

So, why do I like Michele Bachmann, and why is she the real deal?

She has risen from nowhere due to the Tea Party.  I affiliate myself with the Tea Party and love what they stand for.  As a supporter of the Tea Party, I support legislation to decrease government, and get back to the basics of our constitution.  I also like how the Tea Party is made up of liberals and conservatives.  It truly is a shining example of very different groups coming together for a common cause.

Michele Bachmann excited me tonight.  I love what she stands for.  First and foremost, she is all about low taxes.  If you all remember back to the Reagan days, low taxes is the reason our economy boomed for such a long period of time.

Here’s an excerpt from here site: “Taxes are simply too high, and American families have less money to spend on their priorities.  Rather than taking money from the hands of the middle class to pay for a large, overbearing federal government, I believe in letting hard-working taxpayers keep more of what they earn.   This would help strengthen our economy, stimulate job growth and force the government to make wiser spending decisions â“ all of which would benefit American families.”

As you can see, she is one serious cookie and her track record shows that she isn;t messing around with our emotions.  I really truly believe she will lower our taxes.

Michele Bachmann on wasteful spending

Michele Backmann is the poster child for cutting wasteful spending within our government.  I love that!  Let’s go down a quick laundry list.  Medicare/Medicaid, broke, Social security, broke.  United States Postal Office, broke, Cash for Clunkers, broke.  It really is true that anything the government touches, it turns sour.  Michele Bachmann won;t stand for that and I support her views.  I say cut, cut, cut!  She recently helped pass HR 3958, which will open transparency  between  the tax payer and Congress.  The plan is to show us tax payers what Congress has decided to spend our money on years into the future.

At the end of the day, she is all about getting us back on the road to sustainable fiscal policy and reducing the national debt.  As you know, we like hearing words like “reducing debt” here at Free Money Wisdom!

Personal finances take-aways from Michele Bachmann

You can learn about personal finance in the strangest of places, why not a Republican debate?  Here are my take-aways from this debate with regards to personal finance.

-Pay your debts, don’t follow Obama’s track record.

-We need to get our country back to fiscal sustainability, maybe your wallet does too?

-Budget and spend less than you earn, unlike the current administration.

To the READERS:  What are your thoughts on the debate?  Are you as excited about Michele Bachmann as I am?

photo by:  shankbone