Professional Couponing Explained

professional-couponingProfessional Couponing – How the Coupon Masters Save Big Time at the Store

If you are searching for an professional couponing course, look no further. Here, you will be introduced to extreme couponing tips that will have you saving big time at the store, just like all of those coupon masters that are featured on various television shows, news features, and other forms of media. The tactics that will be outlined in this guide are not the ones that will allow you to clear off shelves at your local store, or develop a massive stockpile that will overrun your home. This extreme couponing 101 guide is not designed in such a way that it encourages you to engage in unethical practices. The extreme couponing tips will simply allow you to save a tremendous amount of money through the use of legitimate methods that will allow you to get more of what you need and want, for less.

Finding Coupons

The first step in this professional couponing guide is to learn how to find coupons. It is not at all uncommon to find yourself overwhelmed at the assortment of methods in which coupons may be obtained. There are paper coupons, printable coupons, and even electronic coupons. In order to find the best coupons for your needs, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. First, check out the inserts that are located in your local weekly newspaper. In most instances, these inserts are present in the Sunday paper; however, there are some instances in which you may find them in a Wednesday, or other mid-week newspaper, too.
  2. Next, go on the internet and do a search for “printable coupons”. You will discover many websites, such as, that offer a large assortment of savings on your favorite brands.
  3. If you have a smart phone or a loyalty card for a particular store, you may find eCoupons. These load onto your card or smart device automatically and may be deducted when you make an appropriate purchase at the checkout.
  4. Catalina printouts are becoming increasingly popular among retailers, such as Dollar General and Winn-Dixie. Essentially, these print out on your receipt or immediately after you make a purchase at checkout.
  5. Blinkies are another coupon type that is popular among those interested in extreme couponing 101. These are found within the store on special displays or hanging along shelves.
  6. Magazines often include some coupons that include massive savings. Examples of the magazines that you may find savings include Good Housekeeping and All You.

When to Use

The next extreme couponing 101 lesson involves knowing when to use your coupons. This will allow you to get the absolute most for your money. First, you will want to save your coupons for when the items go on sale. You should never give your coupons away for a full-priced item. Instead, use them when the item goes on sale so that you may save the most amount of money. Next, you should follow the cycles of sales. For example, candy typically goes on sale around Halloween and snack foods are commonly at the lowest prices during the time of the Super Bowl. Simply research the cycles associated with grocery sales to determine what can be bought each year, at the cheapest prices.

How to Use

The next professional couponing tip is to ensure that you know how to use the coupons that you find. It is important to inquire at the store that you shop at about savings opportunities so that you have the ability to take advantage of those. The following outlines some common questions that you may direct to the retailer:

  • Does your store engage in the act of double coupons? If the store answers, “yes”, you should then ask for the double coupon policy and learn every detail possible about it.
  • Does your store allow the stacking of store coupons? In most instances, this means that the store allows you to use both a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon.
  • Does your store allow coupons to be used from competitors? If so, be sure to make use of every opportunity that you can when it comes to savings.


As you can see, there are many professional couponing tips that will allow you to optimize your savings at the checkout. First, you need to know exactly how to find coupons. Next, you need to know the best times to use those coupons. Finally, you need to learn all the methods associated with how to use the coupons that you find. By taking these three simple professional couponing tips, you will find that you are able to purchase more, for less. All it takes is a little commitment to the endeavor, a little knowledge, and a bit of creativity, and you have the potential to save thousands of dollars a year at the store, just like all of those high profile master coupon experts!