25 Christmas Gifts Under $25 That Don’t Suck

christmas giftsThis is a frugal blog, so of course I have to write an article about top frugal Christmas gift ideas!  This post will be a little different though.  Instead of giving you general ideas, I have handpicked 25 totally awesome gift ideas that don’t suck.  Inspiration for this post comes from Phil over at PT Money.  Check out his list of 30 gift ideas, he’s got some good ones 🙂

Many of these gifts are things that could be extremely useful and handy to have around the house.  I found myself writing down many of these gifts for my own list this year!  I think you’ll like these ideas.  Many of these could even be stocking-stuffers depending on your family’s price range for Christmas.

1. Coffee Mug Warmer- At my work, I’m always battling the temperature of my coffee.  Working in the construction industry, our trailers are cold during the winter so coffee doesn’t stay warm for long.  A coffee mug warmer solves this issue!  If you know someone who works at a desk, this mug warmer will keep coffee or any other liquid warm for hours on end.  (Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for $7.99)


2. Electric Kettle- This is the fastest way to boiling water these days.  Who really wants to wait forever for the stove to get hot.  Not only is it fast, but extremely portable and safe to place on sensitive surfaces. (Proctor Silex Electric Kettle for $14.36)


3. 1 Year Magazine Subscription- When’s the last time you sat down and read a magazine?  It’s probably been a while huh?  Well, chances are that someone would love this gift!  You can get a vast array of 1 year magazine subscriptions and can choose a topic depending on the person’s likes. (1 Year Subscription of Popular Science for $12.00)


4. LED Book Light- This is the perfect gift for an avid reader in the family.  No more dim lights, no more squinting of the eyes.  An LED book light solves all these issues!  It creates a cool background drop as if the actual pages are glowing! (LightWedge LED Book Light for $22.99)


5. USB Car Charger- Never go without power.  I’m a huge fan of USB car chargers myself.  They are a great tool to ensure you are not tapped out of cell phone battery life or other personal devices.  A loved one would love this gift and most likely use it on a regular basis. (Kensington USB Charger for $9.99)


6. Brimmed Beanie- Traditional beanies are out, brimmed beanies are in!  A brimmed beanie is a stylish look for the girls and is sure to attract some welcomed attention. These are especially popular on the ski slopes!  (Dakine Brimmed Beanie for $22.00)


7. Chocolate Gift Set- Who doesn’t like a chocolate gift set?  With a various assortment of chocolates, a chocolate gift set will make anyone very happy.  It’s also a great gift during the holidays, as you can get themed boxes.  (Desk Caddy Chocolate Gift Set for $24.99)


8. Scarf Wrap- I’ve been seeing these around here in San Diego.  I know that San Diego is considered a pretty trendy city, so that must mean something right?  Any woman in your life will love this accessory to be added to a growing closet.  This wrap comes in many different colors so you can be sure to get one that will make someone very happy. (Pashmina Scarf Wrap for $8.99)


9. Moleskine Journal- A quality moleskin journal will last you a very long time for all of your  journalism  needs.  Renown artists and thinkers have used moleskin journals, and for good reason!  With a sturdy frame and only the highest materials used, this is a great gift for the writer in the family.  (Moleskine Notebook for $12.21)


10. Micro Fleece Blanket- A fleece blanket is one that everyone loves.  Whether it’s used to snuggle next to the fire place or to warm you while reading a book, you can’t go wrong with a new fleece blanket.  So comfortable and so affordable, it’s a clear winner.  (All Seasons Micro Fleece for $22.94)


11. Yoga Mat- Invest in someone’s health for 2012!  A yoga mat is great for yoga if the person does that but they are also useful for doing lifting exercises and stretching.  You can’t go wrong with a yoga mat that will last you years to come.  (Wai Lana Yogi Mat for $23.56)


12. Thinker Book Ends- I gotta say, these are the coolest book ends I have ever seen!  Not only are they classy, but they are sturdy!  These can be a great addition to an office where a touch of “elegance” is required.  Once you own these, you will never buy another set of book ends again.  (The Thinker Bookends for $15.97)


13. Gourmet Tea Set- As much as a coffee nut that I am, I would also love a gourmet tea set as a gift for Christmas.  With an assortment of flavors, a gourmet tea set will keep any tea drinker busy for months to come.  (Ceylon Tea Chest for $19.99)


14. Learn to Knit Kit- I guess this is all the rage these days  among  celebrities.  If the celebrities are doing it, this will be a hit as a Christmas present.  Plus, who doesn’t want to learn how to knit and make their own clothes? (Lion Learn to Knit Kit for $22.71)


15. Bear Grylls Knife- If you’re a guy, how could you not want this gift? This knife screams “cool.”  Well it does if you know who Bear Grylls is!  It’s a high quality product and sure to impress any guy in the family.  (Bear Grylls Knife Set for $20.33)


16. Rhinestone Watch- Be super frugal this Christmas and get someone you love a watch that is flashy yet doesn’t put a dent into your wallet.  A rhinestone watch is a great gift for the “diva” in your life. (XOXO Accent Watch for $19.99)


17. Key Rack- Have you ever wanted a place to put your keys that wasn’t on top of a fancy table?  And how many times have you lost your keys because you placed them in a new location.  Well, a key rack next to the front door would solve these problems.  This gift is both useful and trendy depending on the brand that you buy.  You can even try to match the existing decorations of the person’s house. (4 Hook Key Rack for $6.44)


18. A Book- Yes, you know those things that have physical pages?  Books!  Books are great gifts as almost everyone enjoys sitting down and reading.  Instead of getting a person a book you know they’d enjoy, think outside the box and get something that might be totally new to them! (Freakonomics for $10.87)


19. Balance Ball- A balance ball is a gift that keeps on giving once it’s received.  Balance balls are awesome for sit-ups, stretching and comfortable sitting.  It would be a great gift for someone active in the family.  With a variety of colors you can make sure you make the person happy. (TKO Balance Ball for $16.63)


20. Flashlight Grille Tongs- Grilling in the dark is no fun.  Thankfully someone solved this problem!  These tongs have mini flashlights on the end of the tongs so you don’t have to worry about cooking in the dark anymore.  For the grill master in the family, these would make someone’s day. (Ultimate Flashlight Tongs for $19.99)


21. Holiday Coffee Beans- Holiday coffee warms my heart.  Special beans are grown just for the Christmas occasion.  The beauty of this gift is that it’s a consumable and sure to please someone you know.  You can buy big bags or a bunch of little bags in various flavors. (Bean Coffee Company Holiday Pack for $24.46)


22. Toiletry Bag- A fully loaded toiletry bag is a gift that I personally would just love!  I’m always running out of toiletries, so a new toiletry set would be a great gift.  For the traveler in your life, this gift is a must have this Christmas. (Leather Toiletry Kit for $21.95)


23. Expensive Golf Balls- Back when I used to play golf, I loved receiving golf balls during Christmas.  The best part was that people typically bought fancy golf balls.  Looking back they  probably  were no different than average golf balls, but who really cares!  A golfer in the family will really appreciate this gift. (36 pack of Intech Beta Ti Golf Balls for $23.77)


24. Oil Mister- Would you like to mist instead of pour?  With an il mister you can create your own unique concoction of oils and smells.  Also, a mister prevents too much oil coming out on your fresh salad.  A great gift for the aspiring cook in the family. (Prepara Oil Mister for $17.14)


25. Gardening Set- This is something that my Mom would just love!  With basic gardening tools, a set will provide a gardener with brand new tools to work away at those stubborn weeds in the yard. (4 Piece gardening Set for $14.76)


Did I miss something?  If you have a creative Christmas gift idea that would actually be useful, please share with us below!