Five Ways to Increase Your Income Today

increase income todayUnless someone is independently wealthy, they would like to have more money coming in.   But with all of our current responsibilities it may seem like it’s just a dream.   But in reality, it’s not only possible, but much easier than you might imagine.   Here are five ways to increase your income today.

But in order for this to work, you have to change your way of thinking.   That means changing your entire mentality as it pertains to money.   Don’t believe that it isn’t possible.   Believe it and acknowledge it!

Here is an example of the right motivation:   If you were told to save $500 within the next two weeks, most likely you would blow off the concept and consider it impossible.   But if someone told you that unless you came up with $500 within the next two weeks that you would go to prison, you would   instantly become a money-making machine.   That is the kind of drive that you need.


Idea #1:   Sell, sell, sell

That means everything lying around your home that you don’t need or use consistently goes into a garage sale.   Clean out closets, go through the garage and the basement , venture up into the attic and get   rid of it. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find and what people will buy.


Idea #2:   Go online

More and more people are working online for added income and the numbers are growing.   Businesses are taking advantage of this workforce by offering plenty of opportunities to make money. Many require little or no training or experience.   The good news is they have secured payment methods and most offer flexible schedules.


Idea #3:   Get paid to write

People are always looking for bloggers or someone who can write articles for them.   The more you write, the more you make.   Getting yourself established means that customers will start coming to you instead of having to fish for additional work.


Idea #4: Collect all your old gold and jewelry and cash it in.

Everyone has old gold lying around in their jewelry box.   With the upsurge in gold prices, this is the perfect time to exchange it for cash.


Idea #5:   Hire out your hobby or skill

Do you like photography?   Are you an expert at cleaning?   Are you a master at sewing?   There are many trades that most people are not good at and would pay handsomely for.   The trick to making money at your skill and being successful is offering something that other people either don’t have time for or don’t like to do.

For instance, most people hate cleaning.   If you don’t believe it, take a look at their homes.   You might not really enjoy cleaning, but if you are efficient at it then this could pay off very well.   Put the word out that you are for hire to take care of the task that other’s put off and you’ll have more work than you can handle.   Who knows?   You could even hire an assistant to work for you and pocket the difference.


What are some other ways YOU are making more money today?