United Mileage Plus Signature Visa CC Review


As you are probably aware, I’m a proponent of exploiting credit cards for maximum benefits.  I travel quite frequently so I’m always looking for a better offer and a chance to get some free bonus miles.

That brings me to the United Mileage Plus Signature Visa card.  I’ve flown with United numerous times and they are my favorite budget airline to date.  So opening a card with United was a no-brainer.  The bonus miles is what really sealed the deal for me. Here are some benefits of the card.

-25,000 bonus miles for opening an account and spending $250 on airfare.

-$50 gift certificate as a “thank you” token from United.  This was a pleasant surprise as this wasn’t noted on the fine print!

-Easy to redeem miles.  United has one of the best bonus miles programs out there.  As long as you book far enough in advance, using your miles is a breeze.

-The $95 annual fee is waived for the first year, so no worries there.

-3 points for every dollar spent on United airfare.

-1 point for every dollar spent on everything else.

-14.24% variable APR.  This is actually pretty low for a rewards credit card.  However, I recommend ignoring this and paying your balance in full each month.

If you fly united on a regular basis, this card is a must.  Having the ability to redeem miles without  unnecessary  restrictions  is a huge plus in my book.  United is the only airline where it feels like they actually want you to redeem your miles.  If you have flights in your near future, get on the band wagon and open up one of these United credit cards!  You a thank me now.