Faith-Based Financial Advice for Families

bibleIn researching faith-based financial advice for families, you will find that there are several books, guides, articles, and other types of informative sources available on the topic. Proper management of your monetary resources and living within your means are the two most essential elements in today’s world for Christian families that have a desire to live abundantly and experience a high level of happiness. The Bible teaches us that we should grow wealth with a unique purpose, protect your wealth, and share your wealth with the people of God. In this faith-based financial guide, you will be introduced to several time-honored pieces of advice that will assist you in doing all of that, and more!

  1. The first step to financial security is to ensure that you and your family pay a tithe that is honest. Tithing and offerings should be the very first financial obligations that you contend with upon receiving your paycheck. Not only will you bless others in your tithing and offerings, but, God will also bless you!
  2. The next faith-based financial step is to learn the steps to managing money so that money does not manage you. According to Christians, financial peace does not stem from the amount of money that we make, but rather, from how we spend the money that is at our disposal. A positive attitude and relationship should be developed towards money. Openness and trust among family members and the management of money is imperative.
  3. The third piece of faith-based financial advice is to ensure that self-discipline and self-restraint is practiced, at all times, when it comes to matters associated with money. The needs of your family should be considered before individual needs. As a result, fewer bouts of impulsive spending will be experienced. Management skills, as it pertains to money, should be learned – as a family – with a spirit of high cooperation and love.
  4. As a faith-based family, you should always strive to create, maintain, and use a budget. It is essential for all family members to have an understanding of how much money will be available each month, the monthly financial obligations, and how any extra will be used or saved.
  5. Finally, it is important for you to save a specific amount of money each month and invest that money into an endeavor that will allow it to grow in a safe manner. Investments are highly critical because they provide future funds to make family purchases and allow families to cope with unexpected financial complications, with ease.


By utilizing the faith-based financial advice contained within this brief guide, you and your family will be adhering to the basic financial principles outlined in the Holy Bible and the religious-based doctrines of your faith. God has entrusted each of us with a certain degree of money. In most instances, that money comes from income received through employment. The money in which you are entrusted must be respected and handled effectively. The five simple steps outlined here will allow you to respect and handle your money in the best possible manner for your financial future.