Get To Know Me, I Dare You!

bloggingDon’t be shocked that this isn’t another money savings article.  I’m going to change things up this Friday morning!

You’re going to get to know me a little better. Consider this a once in a lifetime post giving my readers some insight into who I am, how I think, and the plans I have for Free Money Wisdom.

How it all started

Being from the construction industry, I’m always coming in contact with new people as well as working with the same group of key people every day.  At the start of my career in 2010, conversations about personal finance and saving for retirement were always going on due to the economic crisis.

Me, being the personal finance guru that I am, always piped in to these conversations ad shared my views on strategies for retirement and the lowest risk ways of getting the job done.

After a while, co-workers and people I didn’t know very well were pulling me aside asking me for financial advice!  I was just a college graduate who read finance blogs, why would they want my advice!

Well, as it turns out, the knowledge I knew was not widely known.  I mean most people I talked to didn’t even know what a Roth-IRA was!

These conversations got me thinking and so I decided to start a simple website to put my thoughts and advice on paper and get the word out to everyone I knew.  Well, as you can see, that “simple” website has now grown into a very popular personal finance blog.

I’m still in shock to this day that Free Money Wisdom has turned into a conglomerate website full of personal information.  I consider myself a “beginner” and there is still so much to learn.


I’m not your typical blogger

Most bloggers on the internet have a common story.  They get themselves into debt and have a “come-back” story.  You can do a simple Google search and find this out to be true.  My story is much different.

For one, I have zero financial education.  Everything I know has come from books, blogs, and advice from my Dad.  Second, I chose to live a debt free life at a very young age.  This is due in part because of my amazing parents, they really did teach me so much about finance.

Lastly, I work in the construction industry.  Yes, yes I know that the construction industry is known for guys who spend their pay checks at the bar.  But I’m here to say that not all of us are like that. Since I work in construction and blog about personal finance, I get  weird  looks and people often wonder about me.  But guess what, it really doesn’t matter what your background is!

All I’m trying to do is share with people my experience, my financial failures and achievements, and help people go about their finances in a Biblical way.  It may sound cut and dry, but that’s ground work for this blog.

If you’re looking for a blog that has a unique spin on this very boring subject, Free Money Wisdom is for you!  I enjoy writing about money and how it relates to the Bible.


What you can expect to read at Free Money Wisdom

I want Free Money Wisdom to grow into an authority within the personal finance community.   I want this blog to be an “inclusive” community.   I don’t care where you’re from or what you look like, I really believe this blog can benefit your financial life.

I’ll be covering a wide range of topics in the years to come.   At the core, Free Money Wisdom is here to help you get out of debt and reach your financial goals.   Although I write from a more personal tone sometimes, this blog is not about ME, it’s about YOU.

So, when you open the weekly newsletter or go to my homepage on a Monday morning, you’ll find topics such as saving for retirement, getting out of debt, Christian based finances, college finances, frugal tips, and many more.


What you shouldn’t expect

Look, this isn’t a “get rich quick” blog.   You will not find advice on this blog telling you that riches are around the next corner.   No, this blog is above that.

Since Free Money Wisdom has the Bible as guiding principles, you will see advice and tips that are founded in Biblical wisdom.   Thus, Free Money Wisdom.

If this turns you off a little, that’s OK!   If you are seeking quick riches, you can find other blogs for that.   Just don’t waste your time here because I won’t be writing articles about that.

You will also never find my writing to lead you down a a bad path. What do I mean by that?   Well, I promise that what I write on this blog is true to what I believe and will only recommend products and services if I use them or know of other people who have had success with them.

One example is credit cards.   There are many good credit cards out there and I recommend many on this blog.   However, I’m only going to recommend the best cards and will only tell you to open a credit card if you promise to be responsible.


I’m passionate but not perfect

I’ll be honest with you.   I’m young and still learning personal finance along the way in life.   However, I have passion driving me to help people around me.   So, while I will work my butt off to give you the best content out there, there will be mistakes made along the way.

The beauty of this blog is that you get to learn from my mistakes!   This is why I recommend all my readers to do their own independent research and make their own decisions.   Since my “advice” is not really professional advice, you should seek financial advisors if you are hesitant about making a big decision.

At the end of the day, you should be applying common sense to anything you read on the internet.   Not everything is true out there, so be diligent and always second guess the information you read.


Where can you start?

If this article wasn’t enough, feel free to read more about my life and the mission of this blog on my about page.

To make things simple, I have created some cool resource pages packed full of my most epic content:

Free Money Wisdom “Must Reads”

Bible and Money Articles

Credits Cards That I Support

Banks That Aren’t Out to Nickel and Dime You

Top Discount Brokers Where You Can Invest With Little Cost to You


Wanna get plugged in?

I’m a huge believer in being everywhere for my brand.  So, it just makes sense to be on every social network that you might be on.  You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or even Linkedin.  Don’t hesitate to contact me on any of those networks and always feel free to contact me.

You’d be missing out if I didn’t offer you a chance to sign up for my exclusive email list.  Once you sign up, you’ll get instant access to my free 7-day e-course on retiring a millionaire.  Also, whenever I have special giveaways or recommend new products you’ll be the first to find out!


My promises to you

You’ll see me write articles on various products and services.  I’ll often write reviews.  I’m here to say that I promise to never sell out and promote something I don’t believe in.  Everything I recommend on this blog has my “stamp of approval.”  I feel strongly about certain products and services.  Some of these have transformed my own finances so it’s natural for me to want to spread the word.

When you do click through links, many of the links will be affiliate links.  This basically means that I get a kick back from the companies I promote.  This money makes it possible to keep this blog running and provides me with some extra money.  I just wanted to make sure you knew that!

I also promise to do my due diligence with research for articles.  It would be terrible of me to write on a subject that I know very little about.  If it takes me an extra hour to master a subject, I will do that.  I want to provide you with the best article possible.  I want my content to be top notch.  I’m leaving a legacy behind.

I’ll also never tell you to do something unethical like steal towels from hotels to save an extra few dollars.  I believe in the rule of law, and also believe that Christians are called to follow the government’s rules and regulations.


A big thanks!

This blog would never be where it is today without all my readers.  You guys and girls are what makes this blog what it is.  With your comments and emails, you are an  intricate  part of fostering a community here at Free Money Wisdom.

I’m excited for what the future holds and what God calls me to next.  Many more exciting articles are coming your way.  If you haven’t already, subscribe to my exclusive email newsletter right below 🙂

If you are new here, please comment below so I can say hello!