Yakezie Weekend Roundup #7

It’s that time again, another weekend  roundup of the best posts of the week.  It was a busy week and got a lot done on this blog.  I’m excited to see the constant growth.  I can’t believe that almost 8 months has gone by!

If you are reading this, thank you for your support and readership.  This blog would be nowhere without people like YOU.  If you haven’t yet, go grab my free 7-day e-course on tips for retiring a millionaire.  The competition for $50 is still going so don’t miss out on this free cash opportunity!

It’s been beautiful weather here in San Diego and I keep praising God for it!  Speaking of good weather, I really need to hit the beach soon, it’s been a while 🙂

Without further a-do, here are the top ten articles from this past week!

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New Jersey activates price gouging laws in reaction to hurricane Irene over at Faithful with a Few

The reasons to build wealth over at Buy Like Buffett

All advice is not created equal over at Thousandaire

Understanding marginal propensity to consume over at Faith and Finance

Compensation for nurses: hourly wages verses salaried over at Dr. Dean

Money saving international travel tips over at Money Help for Christians

Your options if employment cuts you over at Money Green Life

Transportation alternatives for one car families over at Free From Broke

I like it but I don’t know why over at Wealth Informatics


As always, I staff write for quite a few websites, here they are.  Don’t forget to +1 and Tweet these articles!

Hidden value of work over at Debt Free Adventure

It might be time to break up with your bank over at Bible Money Matters

Real estate investing for beginners over at PT Money

Indiana Jones guide to personal finance over at ChristianPF

10 ways to simplify your finances over at GenX Finance

Honeymoon spots on the cheap over at Free From Broke


I was featured in some blog carnivals this week again

Canadian Finance Carnival #51

Carnival of Wealth, ephemeral edition

Festival of Frugality #295


Weekend note from JonDon’t let up.  When you feel like everyone around you is  splurging  and spending money that is the perfect time to sit back and resist the temptation!  I know it’s hard but don’t give in.  Be different, be goal oriented.  Have a good week everyone!