The Frugal Lawn and Garden Guide

lawn-and-gardenThe Frugal Lawn and Garden Guide – Gardening Tips, Lawn Care, and More for Less

If you are searching for frugal ideas that pertain to gardening tips and lawn care, you will benefit immensely from reviewing this lawn and garden guide. If you reside in a region that experiences distinct seasonal changes throughout the year, you are probably currently looking over a lawn and garden that is brown, weed-ravaged, and in a complete state of despair. Purchasing the tools, seeds, fertilizers, and compost to get your lawn and garden back in shape is a costly endeavor; however, the expenses that most experience each year is completely unnecessary. In fact, there are many frugal-based gardening tips and techniques that will work for both your lawn and garden. In this frugal lawn and garden guide, you will learn how to bring your garden and lawn back to life for less.

Eliminate the Dead to Rekindle Life in Your Lawn and Garden

If you are interested in bringing your lawn and garden back to life, the first step that you should take is eliminating the dead. This will rekindle the life in your lawn and garden. You should go through your lawn and garden and pick out all of the dead grass, dead weeds, and other items that no longer have life in them. This is not the most exciting of steps, but, it is inexpensive, and relatively easy. Once you have removed all of the dead grass, weeds, and other items, you should then take a steel rake and lightly scratch the surface of the soil. This will help loosen it up. This will aid in promoting growth of new grass and other types of plants.

Lawn Aeration with Your Shoes

If you have the right types of shoes, all it takes is a little walk through your yard to aerate the lawn. Professional lawn aeration services usually cost in excess of $100.00; however, by simply choosing to wear a pair of shoes that have spikes on the bottom, you can aerate the lawn and garden yourself. The spikes on the bottom of the shoes will simply loosen the soil by putting small holes in the ground. Once the soil is loosened and the small holes are in the ground, fresh air, water, and various types of natural nutrients have the capability of reaching the roots of the grass and the roots of the other plants that are part of your lawn and garden. This step will dramatically encourage growth. In most instances, a pair of shoes with the appropriate spikes will only cost approximately $10.00 to $12.00.

Mow in a Precise and Strategic Manner

When it comes to gardening tips or just general tips on lawn and garden, most experts agree that it is important to mow the areas in a precise and strategic manner. First, you should ensure that the blades on your lawn mower are kept sharp. If they start to dull and you use them on your property, the blades will create an opportunity for various types of pathogens to invade and completely weaken the grass. You will find that the grass becomes less dense, highly frail, discolored, and in some instances, may die. Sharp blades should always be used and the grass should be cut only at a rate of about 1/3 of the size of the total blade. Short clippings of grass will successfully break down and permit the natural amount of nitrogen to return directly into the soil. If you cut grass any more than 1/3 the size of the blade, the long clippings have the potential to result in stress on the grass that is still located on the ground and may inhibit its growth. Finally, it is important to ensure that you cut the lawn in a pattern…such as across or up and down. Each time you cut your lawn, you should stick to this pattern.


There are many frugal and simple steps that may be performed in order to optimize the growth of your lawn and garden. Go to the Gilmour website to get a soaker hose that will let you water without waste by delivering a steady stream no faster than the ground can absorb it, deep into the soil—not pooling on top of it. While most of the steps outlined in this guide are geared towards the lawn, they may be used in the garden, too. Once you have completed the steps outlined here, you should also treat your lawn and garden with fertilizer. It does not have to be name brand or expensive. Instead, combine a bag of compost and a bag of manure and sprinkle the substance over your yard and your garden. By following the gardening tips and the lawn tips outlined in this guide, you are sure to find that both of these regions of your property grow beautifully and bountifully. The lawn and garden steps here will typically result in less than $30.00 in expenses, which will result in a vast amount of financial savings each year!