Use Gas Buddy and Save Thousands at the Pump

gas buddy review

Summer is around the corner and that means expensive gas!   I’ve already shared with you some easy ways to save on gas, but I wanted to add another tool❠to the tool chest.   This new tool is a phone app called Gas Buddy.   Gas Buddy is just that, you’re new buddy.   Since it’s loaded on your phone, it goes with you wherever you go.   It accomplishes a simple goal.   It finds you the cheapest gas at your location.   How sweet is that?   Don’t you hate that feeling when you fill up at one station, you leave and you pass a station that has cheaper gas by 15 cents!   I know I do, and now with Gas Buddy, it won’t happen ever again.

Packed full of features

By far, the coolest feature is that the phone app only works with the help of the community.   The gas prices on Gas Buddy are actually aggregated by other phone users who input the prices of gas they’ve paid for recently.   One drawback of this is that if you live in tin buck two, you’re going to have less accurate gas prices since there’s far fewer people putting their information into the system.   Another great thing about it is that you’re not limited to a single operating system as it works with Windows, Android, and the I-Phone.   No one is left out!

Easy to use

The developers of Gas Buddy have made it pretty easy to use.   It’s as simple as saying gas closest to me❠and Gas Buddy will find you the cheapest gas closest to your GPD location.   If you want to see some gas stations outside of your immediate area, you can click on the map view and Gas Buddy will show you even more gas stations.

If you feel so inclined, you can tap on the gas station you are at and input the current prices and snap a picture to upload to Gas Buddy.   This is all part of the greater community❠by everyone doing their part to keep the app up to date.   You are also able to view what other users have imputed in the past.   You can find out what features are at the gas station like if there are available bathrooms or a mini mart.

gas buddy

Fully customizable

You can totally switch up the default settings of Gas Buddy on your phone.   You can choose your default startup screen.   Some people like the app going straight to stations near me❠and others like the main screen so they can choose from the available options.   There is also an option to choose your default fuel grade.   For me, I’m always premium to it’s good to know that Gas Buddy knows that I’m looking for premium gas prices, not unleaded.

Possible improvements

Since Gas Buddy is reliant on its users, traveling to small towns or cities will lead to little or no data for this app.   It’s frustrating but part of the bugs that come along with a user based app.   Pretty much, any town under 25,000 people, you’re not going to have much luck with Gas Buddy.   Depending on where you live, this might not matter to you.   Just remember that on long road trips, you might have to ask around for cheap gas prices instead of using Gas Buddy.   Other than this small bug❠Gas Buddy is a great addition to anyone’s phone.

Gas Buddy is a win for your phone and your wallet

Gas Buddy is just starting out, so the problem of limited user information will fix itself over time.   Gas Buddy definitely has the edge over its competitors.   This is by far the best way to find cheap gas wherever you’re at.   You know the best part about Gas Buddy?   It’s FREE!   Go get it on your application market and start saving gas today!

More info is on their site

(Photo credit goes to GasBuddy)