American Airlines AAdvantage Visa CC Review

Does anyone else feel guilty for playing the credit card game?  Not everything in life is too good to be true. Credit card bonuses are a great example of that.  I’m pretty sure I fall into the credit card “sunk cost” category.  Why?  Because credit card companies haven’t made a cent off of me, yet I’ve made thousands off of them.  I can’t be the only out there doing this right?  If you’re new to making money off of credit cards, keep on reading.  There is a whole world of free money just waiting for you.

Anyways, enough of my ranting.  I wanted to share with you my next credit card.  I used up all my United bonus miles and I’m planning a trip to see my girlfriend in July. So, me being super frugal, I was on the hunt for some more free miles.  In comes the American Airlines Visa card.  I believe this card is the best card for easy miles. When i say easy miles, all you have to do for this card is spend $750 within 4 months to receive 30,000 bonus miles.  30k miles will easily pay for most domestic flights.

I can’t get enough of these credit cards!  I love them so much, that I’m actually running out of cards to sign up for haha.  Here’s the low-down:

-You can earn 30,000 bonus miles after you spend $750 on any kinds of purchases within the first 4 months of opening the card.  These bonus miles can be used for travel, rental cars, hotels, or merchandise through their website.

-$50 fee waived for the first year (another great reason to open this card, use the miles, then close it).

-Ability to choose lest expensive destinations.  This means that you can save your miles for shorter distances.  Most other airlines charge the standard 25k miles for all cities…

-Earn 1 AAdvantage mile for every dollar spent on purchases.

Zero blackout dates for using miles.  This is clutch for popular times to travel like Thanksgiving and Christmas!

-This card has a standard APR of  15.24%.  As I always state on this blog, ignore this number.  If you open this credit card, you should never carry a balance. Remember, the goal is to use credit cards to YOUR benefit, not the bank’s.

All in all, a great card to score some sweet bonus miles.  American Airlines might not be your favorite airline (it’s one of my least favorite actually), but this is still a great opportunity to take advantage of free miles, which are just as good as cash if you’re traveling.  Enjoy my friends!
Use American Airlines credit card, earn flight discounts and enjoy unbeatable rewards.