Yakezie Weekend Roundup #2

blog postsWell, it was another fantastic week.  Not only was it a solid week for me at my day job but it was a huge week for Free Money Wisdom.  If you haven’t noticed, there is a new picture on the right sidebar.  It’s my new e-course called “How to Retire a Millionaire: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need!”  It is a completely free e-course pack filled with all the information and tools you need to be financially successful and retire with millions.  I was asked by numerous friends and coworkers to produce something that was all in one spot, so this e-course is it!

Also, there has been a higher number of reader comments and unique views, which I’m thrilled about!  Props goes out to the Yakezie community for making this happen.  Without the members of Yakezie, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  As always, here are blog posts that I really enjoyed reading this week!

“Lean In” over at KrantCents

“Don’t be a fool, focus on school” over at Beating Broke

“NUTS, staying the course” over at Beating the Index

“Amazon Prime review, Is it for you?” over at PF Firewall

“Take advantage of your extended health benefits” over at Young and Thrifty

“5 alternatives to gym memberships” over at Couple Money

“Why many rich people are only fooling themselves” over at Len Penzo Blog

“What would you do?  Tips to make smart money choices” over at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

“Cancel your newspaper and magazine subscription” over at Retire By 40

“Get $12 off eco friendly lunchboxes at Mamasource” over at Mom’s Plans


I don’t know if you know this but I do a fair amount of guest posting on some big name blogs.  Here are some articles around the web that I wrote!

“Who cares if your 401k is negative?” over at Outlaw Finance

“Using cash is the only way to go!” over at Debt Free Adventure

“How to choose a credit union” over at ChristianPF

“Know your stuff before renting out your home” over at PTMoney

“Prepare for your next financial crisis” over at Generation X Finance

“Playing the retirement catch-up game in your 40’s” over at Free From Broke


I hope you enjoyed this roundup!  Have a wonderful week and God Bless!

photo by  mariareyesmcdavis