Yakezie Weekend Round-up #1

Well, it was yet another epic week of personal finance articles from my good friends over at Yakezie. In light of the current negotiations with the United States debt limit, I think it’s more important than ever that we take control of our finances, get rid of debt and live a truly American lifestyle.

In other big news, I’m officially a member of the Yakezie network!  This is big news for this blog, it’s been a battle to get down to 200,000 Alexa rating.  Currently I’m sitting at 120,000 and still dropping.  I’d love to see 75,000 by December!  It was a journey full of new relationships and tons of hard work.  Finally completing the Yakezie challenge is what is giving me extra inspiration to keep working on this site and put in even more hours.  To those that helped me get here (you know who), a big THANK YOU!


Here are some epic articles from this past week:

Buy Like Buffet- Semiconductor Penny Stocks

KNS Financial- Giving Wishlist

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance- Surprising Moving Expenses

Yes, I Am Cheap- Record Wealth Gap

Everyday Tips and Thoughts- Ipod Design – Where is the Variety?

Early Retirement Extreme- Join the Military or Retire Early?

Sweating the Big Stuff- Used Car Buying Tips

Wandering Earl- Terrible Photos of Europe

Young and Thrifty- How a Storage Unit Can Save You Money

Krant Cents- When Did I Get Old?


Here are the carnivals I’ve been featured in recently:

Festival of Frugality #290


Carnival of Wealth