Yakezie Roundup #6

lassoAnother great week has gone by, where oh where does the time go!  It seriously feels like my days aren’t long enough.  Or maybe I’m just bad at time management haha.

This was a frugal week for me.  I boosted my emergency fund back to where it was a couple months ago with the help of earnings from this blog!  Yes, if you didn’t know by now, I do make a nice side income from writing articles for Free Money Wisdom.  If you had asked me 6 months ago if I would make money with a site, I would have laughed at you!

In other news, I’ve been going back and forth about buying a long board.  Considering they’re around 200 bucks, it’s pretty steep for my wallet!  Luckily, I found out that there is a shop here in San Diego that rents long boards per hour.  How cool is that!  Realistically, I’m not going to take my board out very often anyways, renting just makes more sense for me right now.

OK, now for this week’s links!  Here are ten of my favorite Yakezie member articles, enjoy:

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As always, I like to showcase my staff writing.  If you have a chance to read them, that would be great!  Here they are:

4 financial fantasies to avoid over at Christian PF

Real estate investing for beginners over at PTMoney

What you can’t hold in an IRA over at Free from Broke


I submit to multiple blog carnivals each week and had the pleasure of being accepted into a couple of them.  Check them out and be sure to read articles from other sites!

33rd Totally Money Carnival over at Parenting Family Money

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