Yakezie Blog Swap #13: What Do You Never Go Cheap On And Why?

Happy Saturday everyone!  I’m about to hit the road and go to Blog World in Los Angeles, but I wanted to share with you the latest with the Yakezie Blog Swap #13 that I hosted!

The topic for this swap was “What do you never go cheap on and why?”  It’s a subject that I find kind of amusing and love hearing different people’s views on it.  What better way to get multiple perspectives on this than host a blog swap and have people share their opinions!

I hope you enjoy the following articles.  Please share the love and promote these awesome posts:

Retire by 40 dives right into the subject of “going cheap” and nails down the logic behind his financial choices over at Money Q and A.

Money Q and A explains why experiences shouldn’t have a price tag but “stuff” should.  The post is over at Retire by 40.

Narrow Bridge Finance shares a little bit about his Jewish background and how sometimes the price is worth it.  The post is over at Money Beagle.

Money Beagle itemizes some things that one should never go cheap on, including peanut butter!  The post is over at Narrow Bridge Finance.

Live Real, Now shares with us that he is willing to pay the full price for food any day over at DQYDJ.

DQYDJ goes into detail why nice dress shirts are a must and spending money now.  His post is over at Live Real, Now.

My Personal Finance Journey never goes cheap on sports equipment.  His post is at My Broken Coin.

My Broken Coin encourages to spend money on yourself and not to go cheap on the luxuries in life.  The post is at My Personal Finance Journey.

My Dog Ate My Wallet never goes cheap on tea and neither should you for the things you enjoy.  The post is at One Cent at a Time.

One Cent at a a Time bares all and says fancy shampoo is a requirement!  The post is at My Dog Ate My Wallet.

This concludes the Yakezie Blog Swap #13!  As it turns out, many frugal financial bloggers don’t go cheap on everything!  Let this