Wise Article Roundup #1


I can only write so much content for Free Money Wisdom.  I know, so sad right?

I just don’t have time to cover the vast topic of personal finance.  I have committed to write articles for you guys every other day and it’s been going great.  However, I’m going to start sharing some of my favorite articles in what I like to call a “Wise Article Roundup.”

This will be a reoccurring post in the future.  It won’t have a strict timeline, I’ll just post up this roundup whenever I feel like I have enough quality articles to share with you.

Without further ado, here is the ground breaking Wise Article Roundup #1!

  1. Hate Clipping Coupons?  Try these 2 Strategies Instead @ BudgetsAreSexy
  2. Retirement Calculators: Your Roadmap for Saving @ Faith & Finance
  3. Worry: The Other Stage 5 Clinger @ Blonde and Balanced
  4. Will your Small Business Survive Death? @ PT Money
  5. Debt Score, What is it and Does it Matter? @ Debt Free Adventure
  6. 7 Tips for Saving Money on Pet Costs @ Bargaineering
  7. Brokers Should be Legally Liable to Act in the Best Interest of Their Customers @ Free From Broke
  8. Fixed Income Investments for Low Risk Investors @ Dinks Finance
  9. 7 Reasons your Budget Might Fail @ Bible Money Matters
  10. Glenn Beck and Unions: A Misguided View on Work @ One Money Design
  11. Social Welfare Program Payments Account for Over 1/3 of US Wages! @ Faithful With a Few
  12. Have You Ever Had a Black and White Infomercial Experience? @ MoneyMamba
  13. The Richest Man in the World: Carlos Slim Helu @ Life and my Finances
  14. Options for Paying Your Taxes @ Cash Money Life
  15. What is your Passion @ Thousandaire

Ok folks, that’s my first Article Roundup!  These are articles that have garnered my  “stamp of approval.”  Each of these blogs are great resources.  All free advice from bloggers who devote their time to helping other people just like Free Money Wisdom.  Now it’s time to get your finances in order!