What Can You Do If You Can’t Keep Up With The Rent?

I am single occupant in rented accommodation and this month I seem to have fallen short by a few hundred on the rent. Is there any way I am able to take out a tenant loan or put my rent back until payday?’

Losing track of what’s in our bank accounts can happen to the best of us and more often than not, bills will come in thick and fast. It seems that both the household energy bills and rent are often due in the same week. If, up until now, you have always paid your rent on time then coming up with a solution shouldn’t be too much of a problem:

Ask your landlord for an extension

If you have been in your housing contract for many months and this is the first time you have been short on your rent, then it is more than likely that your landlord will understand. Paying an estate agent to look for a new tenant will only cost them both time and money.

A little is better than nothing

Paying your landlord as much as you possibly can is better than paying nothing. He or she will appreciate your effort and as such, they will likely give you the extension you desire. You may only be £100 short and expecting a wage in the next few days; if this is the case try to warn your landlord in advance.

New tenants

If you are a new tenant and have only been renting for a few months, your landlord may not be so lenient. In this case you may have to come up with the goods another way. Borrowing money in the form of an unsecured tenant loan is certainly one way to cover your rent without getting the homeowner involved. When opting for this option you must make sure that you are able to pay the lender back, otherwise you risk racking more debts and getting into financial difficulty.

Ask for an advance on your wage

If you have been in your job longer than you have in your housing contract, it may be wise to ask your employer for an advance on your wage as opposed to asking your landlord for an extension. Arrange a meeting with your boss and explain the situation clearly; if you are a good employee, both parties may be able to come to some sort of solution.

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