Turbo Tax is the King of Tax Filing

It’s tax season and the TV commercials are in full swing vying for your money.  Who will you choose this year?  Instead of going back and forth between the multiple tax preparation companies, why not go with the big man on campus, Turbo Tax.

Turbo Tax has clearly set itself apart at the number one “go-to” tax preparation software for the majority of Americans.  Some see them as a monopoly, but I see them as a company out to provide the best possible tax filing experience for anyone in any walk of life.

OK, enough talk, let’s get into the review.  But first, here are some bullet points about Turbo Tax as a company:

  • Turbo Tax is based out of San Diego, CA
  • It was originally created by Michael Chipman of Chipsoft
  • Turbo Tax was bought out by the software giant Intuit in 1993
  • To this day, Turbo Tax is the most popular tax filing software in the United States


Turbo Tax is a breeze to use

Each time I’ve used Turbo Tax, it has actually been pretty fun and very straight forward.  To make things even easier, Turbo Tax has the ability to save all your  information  from the previous year. This is a wonderful feature that is sure to save you some time.  If you haven’t moved or purchased a house, nothing has really changed, making this feature a time saving gem.

Another key feature that makes Turbo Tax extremely easy to use compared to other software programs is the “interview” style questioning.  When you fill out your info for this year’s current taxes, you’ll find yourself answering questions that Turbo Tax asks.  Assuming you answer these questions correctly, the rest of the filing is easy and all possible deductions are applied.  No headaches about a missing deduction or a tax form, Turbo tax is set up to be your second check!

I also cannot rave enough about their “flag feature.”  Suppose you are working through your taxes and come up on a question and realize that you have missing paperwork.  No worries, because you can simply flag it!  Turbo Tax gives you the ability to write a small note too, pretty cool if you ask me.


The Turbo Tax guarantee

I’m sure you’re tired of all the supposed “guarantees” in life, but Turbo Tax actually delivers on their promise.  Unlike other software programs, Turbo Tax offers a Maximum Refund Guarantee. Basically, if you receive a higher refund with another software program, Turbo Tax will refund you the money you paid to use their software!  It’s icing on the cake and gives Turbo Tax customers extra peace of mind when it comes to receiving the highest possible tax refund.

A second guarantee that Turbo Tax offers is their 100% Accurate Calculations Guarantee.  In the rare event that Turbo Tax screws up on your taxes and the IRS comes after your wallet, Turbo Tax will be there to pay for any mishap on their part.  This takes accountability to a whole new level.


Many advantages

-Pricing is tiered, so you will only pay if you need to.  Turbo Tax does a great job of letting you know if you need to upgrade.  You never get the feeling of forced marketing.

-Turbo Tax remembers your information from the previous year.  This is a life saver!

-Excellent tech support and completely free tax support.  Real people, not machines…

-Cool feature that tells you the chances of your return being audited.

-Online community where you can ask questions and bounce ideas off of people.

-Ability to import tax documents without the need to manually input data!

-Maximum refund is guaranteed, Turbo Tax checks for any and all possible deductions.

-Offer to do your taxes offline through a CD.


Only one real  disadvantage

-Higher cost that other online filing software for in state tax returns


Cool audit feature

This is another cool thing about Turbo Tax that very few other software companies offer.  With audit support and defense, you can be rest assured that your tax refund is perfect and ready to go for the IRS after it’s submitted.  You can purchase the audit defense for $39.95 and in the case of an audit a Turbo Tax representative will be your messenger with the IRS so you don’t have to deal with them.  This is a cool feature for filers who have more complicated tax returns.


Various Turbo Tax package options

Like anything in life, you have options.  Turbo Tax gives you the ability to choose your tax preparation package depending on what you’re filing and to what extent.  Below is some information on each package and the corresponding prices:

Free Edition: Got a 1040EZ tax form?  You’re good to go and it’s completely free!  This package will cover all your bases and will even let you know if you need to upgrade depending on how you answered certain questions.  A state income tax return will be additional.

Deluxe ($29.95): This is what I typically use.  It gives you the option to itemize and gives you access to even more deduction options.  If you’re filing a state income return, it will cost additional.

Premiere ($49.95): If you’re a day trader or have made multiple investment moves, this package was made for you.  It’s also fantastic fro people who own rental properties.  It will search for related deductions and ensure that you get the biggest refund possible.

Home and Business ($74.95): This is for people who run a  solo company and also want to file their own personal taxes from a day job.  Something to note here, this package includes everything from the Free, Deluxe, and Premiere packages so you know you won’t be missing out on anything.

Business ($129.95): This is for you if you run a business.  It could a small LLC or a Corporation. Any type of business will require this package.  This package double checks all the deductions that can be associated with your business.


Turbo Tax is a no-brainer

At the end of the day, you want to choose a tax filing company that offers a wide range of options, insane value, and fair pricing.  Turbo Tax is just that.  Not only is it easy to use, but with their support staff and outstanding customer service, the choice is clear.  File your taxes with Turbo Tax this year.