Top tips for staying with your existing mobile phone supplier while saving money

Your mobile phone is an essential, right? Your one trusted tool, you don’t leave the home without and the one monthly cost you cannot avoid. The good news is that you can almost always get a lower price than you are currently paying by finding the right  mobile phone deals. And the even better news is that quite often, you don’t even need to change supplier to get a cheaper deal.

Changing suppliers can be time consuming. Hours spent on the phone speaking to customer service teams about phones and packages that are not right for you. And not just that, it can also damage your credit rating if you try and change supplier and then are turned down.

So, why not stick to what you know?

Here are some top tips for staying with your existing mobile phone supplier while still saving moneyâ¦

  1. Do your research

Before you speak to your current provider, make sure you have looked at some online price comparison sites to see what other companies are offering. The likelihood is that you will be surprised. Then by having done this research, you have the power to let them know what you think you should be paying.

  1. Exercise negotiation skills

The important thing when calling your current provider, is to make sure you negotiate hard. It is often good to go straight in to the call saying that you want to leave, they will then ask (because their job is to make you stay) why you want to leave, giving you the opportunity to express that you are not happy about the current price and have seen a better deal elsewhere.

  1. Know what you want

You can sometimes refuse the first offer of a better deal that they make you, or at least try. Then, if you know, exactly what phone and what package you want, you can tell them and be in control of the conversation.

  1. Look for the added extras

Then once you have the deal you want plus your choice of handset, you can push just a little bit further to see if you can get any added extras. Perhaps there is a nice headset or phone cover that tickles your fancy⦠as the saying goes, â˜if you don’t ask, then you don’t get’.

  1. Try again next year

Just because you already did this last year, doesn’t mean you can’t try your luck again. It is also definitely worth mentioning that you have been a customer for several or many years and there may be some customer loyalty deals that they can offer you.

Good luck and remember, demand what you want!!