Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts under $25

mother's day giftsMother’s Day is around the corner so you know what that means: a new frugal gift guide for Mother’s Day!  No need to shop around this year, I did all the work for you!  I scoured the internet and came up with the top ten Mother’s Day gifts all under $25.  Don’t break the bank this year.  Instead, buy her one of the following frugal gifts and I guarantee she will be one happy momma!

1. Digital Instant Read Thermometer

Don’t you just love it when technology makes life easier?  If your Mom is a cook, this gift is for her.  With a digital instant read thermometer, you can check the temperature of your food with the push of a button.  No more waiting around, know the temperature instantly!  With large numbers, this thermometer is a breeze to read.  Also, you can change it from reading in Fahrenheit to Celsius if you so choose.

2. Personalized “Mom” Mug

Nothing shows your appreciate like a custom “Mom” mug.  With endless varieties online, you’re sure to find something that your Mom will truly enjoy.  The benefit of this gift is that it’s something that will stay with her for years to come.  She can always look at the mug and remember how much you appreciate her.  This one is a winner in my book.

3. Starbuck’s Gift Card

I don’t know a single Mom that does not like Starbucks.  I swear, Starbucks must have mind control, because their coffee is good but not that good!  Either way, people and especially Moms love Starbucks coffee.  Grab a $25 gift card for your Mom and tell her how much you appreciate her and what she did for your life.

4. Personalized Hand in hand Family Frame

These are the  epitome  of cute.  A mom who values her family will most likely cry when she opens this present.  While it’s a thoughtful present, your Mom will enjoy and use this gift for many many years to come.  Heck, she may even placed it on the kitchen sill.

5. I-Pad Case for the Tech Mom

For the tech moms out there who use I-Pads, grab her an I-Pad case for Mother’s Day. As long as you know her tastes in terms of colors and design, you won’t have a hard time finding a case that your Mom will use and not throw away!

6. Assorted Candle Set

What Mom doesn’t like candles?  Grab her a colorful candle set with a range of scents and watch as your Mom bursts with excitement.  I’m a guy so I have no idea why Moms love candles so much.  All I know if that you can’t go wrong with this gift!

7. Flowering Tea Set

Wanna be unique this year and avoid the cliche flowers purchase?  Then get you Mother a flowering tea set.  All you do is place one of the selected beautiful flowers into your tea set and wham, you have yourself a great tasting tea that also looks good!  The flowers are hand-picked and quality is guaranteed. This takes home the gold for most creative gift for Mother’s Day this year.

8. Neem and Coconut Treatment Oil

This is another unique gift idea.  As you know, summer is upon us and that means damaged hair for the Moms!  Get her some neem and coconut oil and she will be super happy.  This oil is renown for repairing damaged hair from the sun and stimulating additional  follicle  growth.

9. Face Peel

For the beauty  conscious  Moms, a face peel set can be a wonderful gift.  Let’s be honest, Moms are too busy to hit the spa.  Instead, give her the spa treatment at home with a face peel.  Face peels are great for sensitive skin and diminishing wrinkles.

10. Babycakes Waffle Maker

This gift is one that will keep on giving.  This waffle maker was designed especially for kids.  Now your children will be able to give your Mom the special breakfast treatment in bed.  The surface is non-stick and super easy to use.  This gift is one for a Mom that likes to be spoiled.

photo by rberteig