Top 10 Cheapest Activities to do with the Kids this Summer

summer funSummer vacation is a time for fun and gives everyone the opportunity to relax and spend time with his or her family. Many are presented with the question of what summer activities can be done on a budget. In fact, several fun activities can be done without spending a lot of money. Some of the best activities are actually free. Here are the top 10 cheapest activities to do with the kids this summer.

1. Family Game Night

A game night is a fun inexpensive activity to do with the kids. All you have to do is gather a few games together and make the set up extra special. Also, prepare some delicious snacks that you do not usually serve. This can make the event extra special even though you are not spending a lot of money.

2. Picnic

During the summer, a picnic is a great thing to do with your children. Not only will you get to spend quality time with the kids but also they will have the opportunity to spend some time outdoors.

3. Beach Day

Planning a day at the beach will ensure a day of fun in the sun. All you need are a few beach towels, swimsuits and beach toys. Your children will definitely have a great time and enjoy having fun in the ocean. Just be sure to keep an eye on them.

4. Bake a Cake

Kids love sweets so they will love making their own cake. Baking with your children gives you the opportunity to spend time with them and have fun. They will enjoy frosting and decorating the cake once it is finished.

5. Hiking Trip

If your family enjoys the outdoors and enjoys staying active, take a hike. In every city, there are safe trails to follow if there are no parks nearby. During a hike, you and your children will get the chance to enjoy nature, pick flowers and learn about some new species. A hiking trip can be both fun and educational.

6. Throw a Dance Party

If you and your family are fond of dancing host a dancing party. All you have to do is turn on some music, prepare a few snacks and beverages and designate a dance floor. This is a high energy activity that will keep your children entertained for a while.

7. Plan a Museum Trip

Just because school is not in session does not mean that an educational trip is out of the question. Several museums have days when admission fees are reduced or waived so check your local museums for these dates.

8. Have a Studio Day

Children love to draw and paint so why not throw a studio day. Lay out a variety of paints, brushes, crayons and canvases and allow them to express themselves through art.

9. Take a Mini Road Trip

Taking a road is a free, aside from purchasing gas, and a fun inexpensive family activity. Road trips can be anything from visiting grandparents or an older sibling in college. Just be sure to keep the trip short.

10. Start a Garden

An affordable activity to do this summer is start a garden and have your children help. Gather or purchase some seeds and plant them with your kids. They will enjoy playing in the dirt and seeing the plants grow over the duration of the summer. Whether you have a green thumb or not this is a great activity that costs very little to do.

Overall, there are several inexpensive activities to do with the kids this summer. All you need is a little creativity. Whether you are planning a movie night or taking a hike in the great outdoors you and your kids will have fun together. You do not have to spend money in order to take part in an exiting activity.

photo by afgmatters