Spring Cleaning Can Save and Make You Money

spring cleaningSpring cleaning may help you save money and make money. When you engage in the age-old tradition of spring cleaning, you initiate the process of taking stock of the items that you currently possess, are able to eliminate the items that you no longer need, organize what is left, and clear space in order to add new things. While engaging in this process, you have the potential to save yourself money on future purchases by locating items that you forgot that you had and recycling your possessions to create new items that you may use, without spending any money. Additionally, you may find that you have the ability to cash in on a lot of items that you would normally just throw out. In this guide, you will learn how to save money and make money with your spring cleaning activities.

Taking Stock

Spring cleaning is more than just washing your curtains, shampooing your carpets, and freshening up your home. It is a time when you must evaluate all that you possess. By taking stock of your possessions, you may determine what items are positively contributing to your life, what items could serve another purpose in your life, and what items you are willing to part with. For example, if you have some old towels that are not in the best shape, you could cut those towels up and turn them into rags for your garage. If you have old, scratched CDs that cannot be used or sold, you could recycle them and create a decorative item or cup coasters. If you have old cell phones, you could actually sell those online. If you cannot use an item, you should determine if it may be recycled into another product. If you cannot recycle the item, you should attempt to sell it. If you recycle your old items, you save money. If you sell your items, this is how you make money. Taking stock is one of the top spring savings tips.

Out with the Old

We all have litter, clutter, and junk in our lives that is completely useless. When spring cleaning, it is imperative that you figure out what items in your home fit under these categories and completely eliminate it. Many do not realize it, but, having excess junk in the home could result in excess cost. For example, it costs more to heat or cool a room that is loaded with boxes and storage containers than it does to heat or cool an empty room. The standard rule of thumb is to eliminate items that you have not used in the past six months from the home during spring cleaning activities – with the exception of photographs and other irreplaceable treasures. In doing so, you are not only cleaning and organizing your home, you are positively contributing to the amount of money you spend and save. Out with the old is one of the most positive and productive spring savings tips.


There are many spring cleaning tips available that will help you save money and make money. By simply taking stock of what you have, determining what can be recycled, selling what may be reused by others, and cleaning out the old, unused items in your home, you have the unique ability to save money and even make a few dollars. Spring cleaning should be an activity that not only allows you to clean up your home, but, also allows you to declutter, remove excess junk, and make a little cash. By following the spring savings tips in this guide and the suggestions on how to cash in on your junk, you are sure to find many ways to save money and make money with your spring cleaning activities.