Sweet 5% Bonus from PerkStreet Financial


Remember when I mentioned the credit card companies fighting for your business?  Well, guess what.  Now, the debit card companies are fighting for you!  You’ve probably seen my raving reviews of PerkStreet Financial, and here is another one!


Best debit card out there

They’ve outdone themselves once again.  The PerkStreet Financial debit card was already a great score, but their July and summer specials are even better.  Right now, they are offering 5% cash back in select categories.  Now, on all non-pin purchases, you can get 2% cashback on all purchases and 5% cashback on these select purchases:

-Movie Tickets

-Dairy Queen

-Old Navy

-Cold Stone Creamery

-Ben and Jerry’s

I’m actually not surprised about this move.  They basically are trying to model after the Chase Freedom or Discover More cards where there are rotating cashback categories for various times of the year.


2% cash back unlimited

What separates this card from other visa cards is that not a single credit card out there offers these types of unlimited rewards.  Most credit card companies cap their rewards at a certain limit.  Most people don’t even realize this about their credit cards.  With PerkStreet, your rewards are endless, no end in sight.  If you’re a big spender, this means some pretty amazing cashback and no risk to your credit score!

It’s important to remember though, that your debit account needs to have at least $5,000 for you to receive rewards.  Anyone with a type of emergency fund should be able to easily have this much in their account.