Survive Vegas Without Going Broke

save money in vegas


Las Vegas is an amazing vacation destination that has something for everybody: casinos, live shows, pools, buffets and much more. Whether you travel with family or friends, you will be able to have a great time. In order to get more bang out of your buck, here are 3 great tips to save money at Sin City.

Save Money by Staying at Older Hotels

While the bigger and more attractive hotels such as the MGM Grand and the Cosmopolitan are in the heart of Las Vegas Boulevard (also known as The Strip❠by locals), there is no need for you to stay in these hotels to enjoy all of their amenities. You can trim the biggest expense of your budget, lodging, by staying at older hotels such as Circus Circus on 2880 Las Vegas Boulevard South and Riviera on 2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South. Such older hotels have to provide deep discounts to attract clientele and often include free perks such as coupons for free meals at the hotel buffet restaurant and discounts at local attractions. All major casinos are within walking distance from each other or just a short ride on the monorail.

Save Money by Getting Comps at Casinos

Even though you won’t be staying at the major hotels, you will most likely spend a lot of time at their casinos. While being at the casino may not sound as a way to save money, it isâ¦when done right. First, you need to contact the Players Club office at the casino that you are planning to spend most of your time at. Try to pick a program that doesn’t limit to just one casino such as the M Life Players Club, which will allow you to gain points at the ARIA, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage, New York New York, Luxor and Excalibur.

After receiving your Players Club card, it is important that you present it to the dealer every time that you sit at game table and insert the card every time that you play a slot machine. By accumulating points, you will qualify for free meals, accommodations and tickets (also known as comps❠at participating hotels from the rewards program. All casinos will offer comps to their players but they will not let them know about these comps unless they ask for them. Don’t be shy and ask for your rewards and remember to present your card at all locations that accept it.

Also, when playing long enough you will be able to receive free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from waitresses walking by. Make sure to always tip them and they will take good care of you. Furthermore, by signing up for a rewards program you will be kept in the loop about special discounts throughout the year.

Save Money by Traveling Smart

If you decide to rent a car in Las Vegas, it is important that you make smart use of it. First, you can save gas by using the valet parking service from any hotel instead of driving around in the self-parking. All hotels, even the Bellagio, offer free valet parking to their guests. Second, keep in mind that when heading to a hotel to watch a live show, there is a good chance that both the self-park and the valet parking lot will be full. Save time and gas by parking at the nearest hotel instead. Third, you can save money when pumping gas by driving as far away from Las Vegas Boulevard as possible. The gas pumps at The Strip charge a premium.

Finally, avoid using your car whenever possible. Walk to nearby hotels and ride the monorail or bus. Only ride the local cabs when you’re heading to a place to which the driver receives a commission for bringing clients. That way you will be able to either get a free ride or negotiate a discounted rate.

(By Damian Davila, business and marketing blogger at Follow him on Twitter at @idaconcpts.)

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