Solar Powered Cars

The designers of cars of the future face the challenge of coming up with alternative-fuel vehicles. Fossil fuels are no longer a viable option as they are non-renewable and contribute significantly to polluting the environment. Although the cost of producing these future cars is still much higher than for conventional internal combustion engines, significant inroads have been made into the area. Cars are also becoming safer and therefore easier to insure. As a result  cheap insurance for young drivers  is within reach of new drivers.

Solar power is a very attractive option. Energy from the sun’s rays is collected and stored in photo-voltaic cells arranged along the top of the car. This is not always a viable option, as cars are stored in garages or parked under trees and these battery cells are bulky. Electric cars have come a long way since their inception in the nineteenth century. Today’s lithium-ion batteries are much more practical although still costly and public charging facilities are becoming more common. The Nissan Leaf is one of the success stories of electric cars. The Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell Supercar is fast and stylish and can do 0-62 MPH in four seconds.

A popular choice in the city is a hybrid car. This is a combination of petrol and electric, or diesel and electric, or could be a variable torque motor. The Toyota Prius has been around for a number of years and hybrid medium duty trucks like the Kenworth are becoming popular. The Human Car is propelled by human power, much like a bicycle but with added revolving handle bars. Some manufacturers make use of regenerative braking, which utilises the energy created by the friction of braking. Improved aerodynamics has resulted in ultra low drag designs which significantly improve fuel consumption. Extremely light materials are being developed for use in vehicles. Examples are aluminium, carbon fibre, fibreglass and carbon nanotubes.

To obtain cheap insurance for young drivers it is necessary to compare quotes from different companies in order to find the one that suits your circumstances best. The same applies if you use your car or van for work, you can get swinton van insurance quotes online and see how your insurance differs when using a vehicle for both work and pleasure.  Do not fall into the trap of simply taking the cheapest â“ it is not always the best. After obtaining your driver’s licence it is a good idea to complete the Pass Plus course, as your premiums will be significantly cheaper. You could opt to pay a larger voluntary excess on the insurance, which lowers the monthly premiums. Parking your car in a lockup garage overnight also helps when you are interested in getting cheaper insurance. Buy a car with a small engine and do not modify it, as modification makes it faster and more of an insurance risk.