Showing Your Lunch Break Who’s Boss!

lunch breakIt still amazes me to this day how people waste their lunch breaks.   I’m sure you can relate.   Think of all the people you’ve seen play online poker, surf the web needlessly, or even stare off into the distance as they eat lunch.   Lunch breaks can be used a tool instead of a time waster.

Now, let me clarify something.   I’m not saying it’s wrong for people to waste their lunches away, it’s really their prerogative.   However, it annoys me when people complain that they don’t have enough time in their day to talk to their wife, start working out, or even read a book.   It’s nonsense!

I personally use lunch breaks for productivity boosts.   As I run this blog, I use my personal break time to reach my goals faster.   And some days I use my lunch break to catch up on work emails so I don’t have to stay late.   Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.   I like to work smarter, not harder.

Instead of wasting your lunch break away, let’s look at some ways you can use your lunch break to better yourself and use the time effectively!


Make your next lunch break EPIC

Get active.   Unless you live in remote Alaska where it’s negative 30 degrees outside, try to step out of your office and get active!   Being stuck inside of an ugly office all day is no fun.   It’s time to get outside and enjoy a little fresh air and sunshine.   Getting physical activity in at work has also shown to increase productivity in the workplace.

Catch up on current world events.   Work can get hectic, and sometimes you lose touch with what’s going on in the real world.   Use your lunch break to read the Drudge Report and catch up on what’s going on around our world.   Not only is it good to know what’s happening but you won’t sound clueless when your boss asks you about current events.

Work on a side business.   It seems like people are scared to start a business or even work on personal stuff during their lunch break.   It’s your legal right to do whatever you want on your lunch break!   Take this time to start a side business.   You could be networking or starting an online company.   The sky’s the limit.

Catch up on work emails.   If you’re in a demanding industry such as construction, sometimes there is more work than can get done in a day.   This usually means staying late.   Oftentimes I use my lunch break to catch up on work emails so I can leave work at a normal time.   And let me tell you, I hate working overtime!

Get a quick massage.   Yes, I’m a guy and I also enjoy massages!   If I was less frugal, I would do this too.   Thankfully I have a fiancée  who does it for me these days 🙂   This can be a quick escape once a week during a lunch break.   A happy back is a happy employee.

Run errands.   This is one that I do a lot.   Whether it’s taking mail to the post office, getting oil changes for my Acura, or even doing some quick grocery shopping, it’s a wonderful time to knock some errands off my to-do list and free up some time for the coming weekend!

Call a loved one you haven’t talked to in a while.   We all live very busy lives.   But when’s the last time you’ve called your parents or even a sibling.   Make an effort to use your next lunch break to reconnect with someone.   You’ll make someone’s day, trust me.

Read a book. I’m guilty of not reading more often.   Reading has been shown to increase brain power and your vocabulary.   Grab a book and make it your goal to finish it within a certain timeframe.   I’m torn between Tom Clancy and Stephen King for my next one.

Flip through your favorite magazine.   I’ve always enjoyed a fresh edition of Popular Science or even ESPN.   I love catching up on the world around me through magazines.   This would be a cool as well as a relaxing idea to spend your lunch.

Decorate your office.   Man, if you saw my office you’d think I worked in a prison!   I plan on doing some decorating but it will have to happen during my next lunch break.   You too can take some time during lunch and spruce up your office.   Who knows, you may find yourself buying a rock fountain for your office space.

Go for a Starbucks run.  Do I enjoy a Starbucks brew on a rare occasion?  Heck yes I do!  Instead of wasting your time surfing the web on your lunch break, why not grab your car keys and hit the road and find your nearest Starbucks.  It’s going to help you relax by going out and leaving work for a couple minutes.  Not only will it clear your head but it’s a fun outing to make with some of the co-workers you actually enjoy being around.

Take a power nap.  This one totally depends on your employer.  I understand that most employers would never allow this but it’s technically your right to take a nap on your lunch break!  Studies have shown that a mid-day nap can improve productivity.  Imagine that!

Save someone’s life.  Did you know that giving blood can save not one but numerous people?!  Why not hunt down your local blood drive center and give some of your precious blood away.


So, what’s your excuse?

If after reading this article you still choose to waste your lunch break away, I’ve failed to convince you then!  Hopefully you take initiative and actually do some of these activities.  I for one hate wasting time, especially if it’s my own personal time.

If you start using your lunch break wisely I can assure you that you will become addicted to it!  Soon, you’ll have all your errands and shopping done that you won’t have anything to do on the weekends!

So, did I miss anything?  If you have an additional  activity  to add to this list, please comment below!