Sharing with Neighbors and Friends to Save this Holiday Season

My wife and I have really worked on finding as many ways to save money. So lately, we have worked really hard on it so we have the additional income to purchase the gifts we want to for our family and friends this holiday season. We recently decided to switch from an unlimited phone plan with talk and text to prepaid phones, because neither of us needs the unlimited coverage. We are using more coupons at the grocery and at clothing retailers as well. We have been keeping track of the money we save each week and depositing that savings into a separate bank account for holiday shopping.

However, it seems like we are running out of ways to save money. Holiday shopping can really add up fast, especially when purchasing the latest technology gadgets for friends and family. It got me thinking that whatever happened to people loving their neighbors as their self.❠Most people in today’s busy world do not even know their neighbors’ names let alone be willing to help them. But helping others can be the easiest way to save lots of money in a short period of time.

There are so many organizations out there that even provide help to those looking for ideas on how to help neighbors and save money at the same time. Here is a money-saving tip you can do each day of the week:

Seven Money Saving Tips that Also Help Others:

1. Sharing Internet Service

Whether it’s an apartment neighbor or home neighbor, do some research together on the most cost-effective internet provider. Then, decide to go in on a shared router plan. By sharing a router, you can easily cut the internet service bill per a month by half. The extra twenty to forty dollars could be used to purchase several holiday gifts.

2. Purchasing DIY Home Equipment

It’s a great idea to go in together with one neighbor on anything from lawn mowers to snow blowers to rakes, shovels, and mulch. Many times by sharing the cost evenly, two people can afford an upgraded version of various items. Chances are that neither your neighbor nor you are going to want to use the same equipment at the same time. When it comes time to get equipment services, you can also share the servicing costs, too.

3. Reduce trash and recycling costs

If the two of you already use the same recycling and trash companies, why not inquire about double pickup at one house. This is another way to reduce costs by half the amount. If the company does not have two can pickups, one neighbor could pay for recycling pickup while the other pays for the trash pickup.

4. Saving on home services

Try to coordinate septic, bug spray, termite inspections, and heater, air conditioner, and paint services on the same day with the same company. The companies are going to love the fact they do not have to stop at two places. They will in-turn offer discounted rates by serving two people’s homes at one sitting.

5. Planning babysitting

By bringing two sets of children together on the same night, two couples can enjoy dinner and a movie without spending so much money. It’s also so much more fun for the children and the parents.

6. Shopping for Groceries

Neighbors can sit together and go through the circulars looking for buy one, get one free sales. Oftentimes, people know these sales are great deals, but they don’t need those two jars of peanut butter and jelly. By splitting the cost, each of you can afford the luxury items on the grocery list.

7. Having garage sales

Whether it’s planning a garage sale or taking items to a resale shop, by coming together, the both of you will cut costs on gas and other commuting costs.

Also, by sharing and helping neighbors out, you are not only going to save money that could cover all the holiday gift giving expenses, but helps save the environment. Naturally both neighbors will reduce their use of paper, packaging, and other costly materials. You might even save enough money to host several holiday parties without tapping into regularly earned incomes.