Odd Jobs for Quick Cash

odd jobsHave your eye on a few extra bucks? How about a new career? There are some weird gigs that can offer potential, and vary considerably on the weird scale, if you willâ¦


Sell Your Body

While that might not be the best title â“ this job is something to consider for some quick cash.

You can make quite a bit of cash selling plasma, hair, sperm, and more. You might just be able to make a living contributing to the medical and science industry: if you group together with participation in medical research, you have some real career potential. In that sense, selling your body could be a versatile and rewarding way to make a buck.


Cleaning Crime Scenes

Enjoy CSI and Law & Order? Yes, someone has to do the dirty work.

The career potential is very strong in this industry. Think about it â“ there will always be a need for these types of services, and there isn’t exactly a huge interest in this field as well. Often contracted by law enforcement agencies, full-time estimates for salary go up to around $80,000 a year.


Expressing Your Inner Artist

If you have a passion in the arts, perhaps you could make it selling your items.

On sites like Etsy, there is a large presence for part-time and full-time individuals looking to make a name for themselves. Like making jewelry? Have an unusual craft idea?

This is yet another gig that can potentially rack in the cash to make a living. Not weird enough for you? Take a look at some of the products❠availableâ¦


Finding Scrap Metal

There is no shame in searching through garbage, right?

Scrap metal can bring in a nice amount of money, especially with a metal such as copper. If there are enough registered dumps in your area, and perhaps some other promising locales, you could do some damage (figuratively).

You won’t replace anyone on American Pickers, but you might find some treasures to net some cash.


Breeding Crickets

Farming crickets is one of the more bizarre ways to make money. If you want to be a farmer but don’t have that much land, it is an alternative.

With reasonable setup costs, you could sell your crickets to stores and individuals â“ as they are a primary food for some pets. The smell and noise are two drawbacks to this potential business idea, though it does probably beat the smell of a crime scene.


Diving for Pearls

Daily rates are said to start at $500, where jobs in Australia can pay more than double that amount very easily.

While pearl farms are overtaking this gig, it is still present in some areas. However, this is a dangerous job and out of the reach of your average odd job seeker.â


Side Gig or Career â“ Which Odd Job is For You?

From selling craft items online to breeding crickets, some of these weird jobs can actually come to be full-fledged careers. Not all of them are pretty, but you can’t argue that it would be quite the experience.

These aren’t your normal 9-5 jobs. Perhaps you’ll find something to net you some extra cash â“ or even possibly a new business idea. And no â“ not much rhymes with crickets.â
Reader Question: Would you ever consider doing one of these odd jobs?

(The following is a guest post by Brian at Health Insurance Comparison, an Australian personal finance blog created to help readers figure out how to properly compare health insurance options.)

photo by michaelcrane123