Most Popular Outsourced Jobs

outsourced jobsMany companies are realizing that they can outsource jobs to other companies and save their company money. Instead of paying benefits and salaries to more employees, they would pay a contract fee for the job being outsourced.

Collection Agencies

In today’s times, many people have experienced the situation of having to talk to a collection agency employee. Credit card companies, department stores, doctors and many other businesses have outsourced their collection of overdue payments to other companies. These collection agencies hire local people to call on clients who owe money to businesses and arrange for payments to be made. When money is collected, the collection agency would be paid a fee out of what is collected. The collection agency in turn pays the employee a salary and sometimes benefits or commissions, on what was collected.

The companies would get a percentage of what was collected, but would not have the expense of paying the salary, benefits or commissions. The companies would also benefit by outsourcing this type of business because they would not have to buy all the phones, computers, and staff to run a collection department. Companies could then focus on what their company produces and save money on their employee budget.

Customer Service Centers

Companies have outsourced their customer service calls to other companies who hire people who work from home to represent their clients. Customer service centers handle many different clients at one time. The call center will hire people to work from home to answer their client’s questions or take orders for products that are online. The employee would be set up with a high-speed Internet computer and be required to have a quiet space at home in which to work.

The employee would be a sub-contractor to the call center and would answer questions about the clients company and help customers who call in for information. Some of the clients may be selling products online and others may need employees to answer questions about their products. The employee would work from home and be given all the information needed about the client on their computer screen. The call center employee could answer questions about the customers account and settle disputes about orders.

The customer service center would be responsible for the employees and pay their salary, benefits and any other commissions that may be owed to the employee. This relieves the business that hired the call center, from the responsibility of the hiring and maintaining a customer service department.

Medical Billing

Physicians and health care providers often use a medical billing service to assure them of proper compensation for their services. Medical billing outsourcing companies work as intermediaries between both government-owned and private health care provides, with insurance companies.

Medical billing can be an extremely difficult process and errors in billing can be costly. With a professional billing service, physicians and health care providers are assured that their billing is handled with the proper coding. With proper coding, they receive payments from the insurance companies in a timely manner and have fewer aging account receivables. Accounts that are coded wrong usually sit on a desk waiting to be solved. A good billing company will handle all problems with the medical accounts and get the physician or health care provided paid for their services. The professional billing company also helps the patients from dealing with insurance companies and allows the doctors to do their job instead of wasting time on billing problems.

Physicians and health care provided who use a medical billing service would still have full access to all their billing accounts. The billing service would run medical software that would allow the client to log in and see all the process that is taking place for their billing. This software gives the clients the confidence that they are in control of their own billing, without the stress of doing the work.

Medical Transcription

Patient documentation needs to be complete and accurate. Medical transcription services make sure that they hire professional employees who understand the importance of accurate and timely documents that need to be transcribed. Quality assurance specialists work closely with all transcribers so that any medical questions or questionable writing can be transcribed properly. As a team, the specialists and transcribers work to assure all clients that their documentation is of the best quality and done in a timely manner.

Transcription services use medical software that will enhance the performance of getting your documents transcribed accurately. Voice activated technology is used to meet the needs of many clients. With the understanding of integrated speech technology, client documentation will be effectively executed to meet all HIPAA and other requirements.

Physicians and other health care providers would not have the expense of special software programs, equipment and transcription employees, when using a transcription service. Doctors and staff would then be able to care for their patients and pay attention to their needs.

Freelance Writers

Writers who work from home for other companies or even other writers are considered freelance writers. They can take on projects as small as an article or help a writer with a book. Freelance writers usually are contracted to work on single pieces of writing at one time. Writers are hired to design layouts for a companies advertising, write articles for Websites, or help another writer with a book. Most freelance writers are paid by the piece they write and then move on to another writing assignment.

If a company hires a writer to design a Website or an advertising campaign, he would be paid for that project and not be an employee of the company. Many small companies do not need a writer on staff at all times. Companies will outsource an advertising project in order to find potential customers for their business.

Freelance writers work on setting up blogs on the Internet for businesses, writing product reviews, researching travel adventures or informing the public on special events in their community. A freelance writer, who was hired by someone else for his work, could have written anything that is on the Internet.

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