Making Money on your Old Cell Phones

phone recyclingMany people in the United States and worldwide use cell phones. Cell phones have become an important part of daily life and are typically always with people. In the United States alone, there are over 150 million cell phone users of which 100 million of those cell phones are discarded each year. While some cell phones might be thrown into the trash, others might be stored in a drawer, box or other storage area in one’s home.

It is beneficial that one take steps to recycle their cell phone for some extra cash when they are done using it rather than simply throwing it aside. Additionally, there are also harmful components inside of cell phones that are bad for the environment. Properly disposing of a cell phone will earn an individual some extra cash as well as help the environment.

There are many different cell phone recycling websites that one can visit online but it’s another story as to  where to sell an Apple Iphone? These websites offer to send the person packaging as well as a paid postage label for their cell phone. Once the phone has been sent to the phone company, it will be further examined and the money will either be sent to the individual using a variety of ways. While a person can get a quote for how much they might get for their phone, the actual condition of the phone must be verified by the recycling phone company once it has been received.

When one recycles their phone, they also help to combat the mining of Coltan which is a material used to manufacture cellular phones because of it’s semi-conductivity. Coltan is used in many varieties of cell phones, smartphones, touch-screen phones and touch-screen mobile devices and other electronics.

Because of the mining for Coltan in South Africa, it has led to the destruction of many wildlife habitats for the native Gorillas and other wildlife. Not to mention the damage that has been done to the natural ecosystem because of the Coltan mining. For every cell phone, smartphone and touch screen phone that is recycled, that is less Coltan that will be in demand to be mined.

When an individual would like to recycle their cell phone at a cell phone recycle company online, they can first perform a search for online cell phone recycling companies and choose one that fits their needs best. Once the person has chosen the site that they would like to use, the next step for them is to find out how much their cell phone, smartphone or other touch screen device is worth.

The general information about one’s phone can be entered into the site to receive an estimate on what the phone is worth and what the company will pay for it. It is also important for an individual to keep in mind that cell phones only depreciate in value over time so they are best sold as soon as possible.

Upon the individual receiving their quote for their phone, they can then enter in the details of their phone and their shipping address to receive a paid-postage shipping box for them to package their phone. After sending their phone off and upon delivery and inspection at the phone, the individual will then either be sent a check, sent Paypal funds or other methods of payment might also be available.

So, the next time you;re thinking about buying a new Apple phone, think twice before you toss your old phone in the dump!

photo by compujeramey