Interview with Chuck Bentley: Root of Riches

root of riches bookToday, we have a very special interview!  I had the pleasure of interviewing Chuck Bentley.  He is the CEO of an awesome Christian organization that focuses on finances, “Crown Financial Ministries.”  Just recently, he launched his latest book titled “The Root of Riches.”  It’s a book that will transform the way you think about money.  I’m excited to share some of Chuck’s answers to my questions below.  Enjoy the interview!


1- Chuck, it’s truly an honor to be interviewing you.   Before I start on questions about Root of Riches, tell me a little bit about your background.   Give us a brief timeline of your life.

Jon, thanks for having me! It’s an honor to be a part of Free Money Wisdom.   Born in Texas, graduated from Baylor with a business degree. Married, 4 sons, a daughter in law and a grandson. Joined Crown 11 years ago.


2- When did your passion for writing begin?   What brought you to the point you’re at today?

I have a greater passion for reading than writing. The Root of Riches was a message that I began to teach after the Lord gave me an insight into I Timothy 6:10. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.❠Others told me I should write about it so I wrote from my passion for the message. I had a great team to help me get it done and I am excited to see how the Lord may use it.


3- Root of Riches❠is a pretty catchy title.   Tell us about how you came upon that title and the significance behind it.

I have known I Timothy 6:10 most of my life but I’d never considered the meaning of the word rootâ. Once I started down that trail I discovered that people, you and I, are often compared to trees in the Bible. That helped me to see that what we love actually determines our riches more than what we own or possess. I knew the message was taking me to the difficult task of examining what is in our hearts, thus the title.


4- What inspired you to write Root of Riches.❠  Tell us about your journey writing the book.

I don’t think of myself as a writer. However, my desire is to use the time, talents and energy the Lord has given to me to have an eternal impact for Him. Since writing a book is a very long, arduous journey, my motivation was to faithfully complete what I believed He wanted me to do. In a very real sense, the book was in my heart and mind; I just had to go through the discipline of writing it down. I was blessed to have a team that encouraged me to press on. I do hope to write more now that I understand the process.


5- You talk a lot about the meaning of rich.❠  What would you say America views being rich as?   And how is that different than what the Bible says.

I think Americans, and most people around the world, define rich as the accumulation of possessions. The more we have, the richer we become. The Bible refutes that definition in many ways: 1) In Luke 12:15 Jesus tells us that life does not consist in the abundance of possessions. 2) In Luke 16:11 he says that we must be faithful with worldly wealth❠to receive the true riches. Here, Jesus separates what the world can give from what only He can give and He defines what He gives as the genuine or true source of riches.


6- Regarding personal finances, share with us some of your failures.   And how did God restore you or bring you closer to Him during those times?

I have made just about every financial mistake there is but in the book I share my journey out of my worst mistake, the love of money. Money was my secret idol and it controlled my life in times when I had little or much. This led to many poor choices and a complete disregard for what the Bible has to say about finances. The Lord forgave me and ironically allowed me the opportunity to teach others about His principles. He is full of grace and mercy and my life is a testimony to that. On that financial side, I would never trade what I have gained from being in close fellowship with the Lord for any amount of money.   His riches have proven to be priceless.


7- What are your thoughts on Biblical stewardship are how it relates to our Christian walk?

The Christian life is stewardship. He is the Owner of everything including His people. If we fail to understand our role and responsibility to be faithful stewards, I do not believe we will hear the words, Well done, good and faithful servant.❠That’s how strongly I believe the importance of this topic.


8- Chuck, you use a tree with roots as the picture on the front of the book.   Tell us a little about this and how it relates to the mission behind the book.

We are either bad trees, what I call the ME Trees or we are  good trees, what I call  HE Trees in the book. One produces what the Bible calls evil and the other produces good fruit. We are all born as ME Trees and must be transformed at the root level to produce good fruit. Once I followed this theme in God’s Word  I realized that the Bible starts with a choice between two trees and ends with our reunion with Jesus as the Tree of Life.   The mission of the book is to lead people to become HE Trees, producing the fruit that will lead to the spreading of God’s goodness according to the prophetic words: They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.❠  Isaiah 61:3


9- What did you learn along the way while writing this book?   Did anything surprise you or come out of nowhere and make an impact on you?

Absolutely!   I was shocked by many new insights but particularly by the overall biblical correlation between ourselves and trees. I am much more committed to advancing correct (biblical) beliefs about money than I am advocating for correct behaviors that omits the core issues of the heart and mind.


10- What are your top pieces of advice for Christians who are seeking to live a rich❠life?

1)           Immerse yourself in the Bible. You are defenseless to the deceptions of worldly wealth without this investment to gain God’s wisdom.

2)           Love God, love people and love giving.


Thanks for the interview Chuck!  I highly recommend this book to anyone, go grab your copy today!