Insurance Policies to Avoid at All Costs

Not all life insurance policies are required.  In fact, there are many options out there that are terrible.  This won’t be a list of insurance policies I recommend.  These are insurance plans that are useless and are ones that you need to avoid.

1- Extended Warranties

Extended warranties are a scam in my opinion.  These insurance warranties  basically  cover products that you purchase.  Is it really worth it to protect an asset that will always be depreciating?  I didn’t think so either!  If you do just HAVE TO have extended warranties, get it at the store.


2-Credit Card life Insurance

This one just hurts!  A credit card insurance plan is insurance for when you die, a company will come in and pay off your credit card.  It’s important to always seek out life insurance quotes.These insurance plans are a waste of money and should be avoided at all costs.  Foten, even term life insurance plans will cover you and will cost significantly less!

Don’t try to game the system.  Make sure you’re covered with great life insurance and protect your family.  This is critical for you and your family.   And make sure you research information on types of life insurance.


3- ID Theft Insurance

Ever hear about people’s ID being stolen?  Well, unfortunately, this type of crime happens all the time.  Companies like Lifelock will offer their services to help you avoid ID theft.  But what if I told you this type of insurance is covering things you can do for free!  Yes I said free!  It’s a waste of time and money to buy this type of insurance.  It’s not hard to protect yourself and your family and avoid ID theft.  Don’t get suckered into this type of insurance.  I encourage you to shop around if you do end up buying IS theft insurance.  I wouldn’t want you to be ripped off.  Why not avoid getting ripped off from the get go and avoid ID theft insurance!  It’s an easy decision.