How to Write an eBay Ad That Sells

ebay adOne of the best ways to make a little extra cash each month is to use the internet to sell items that you’re no longer using. Selling items at a more traditional yard sale, or even on Craigslist, often means you have to accept low prices in order to sell your things. On auction sites like eBay, however, buyers look for specific brands and manufacturers, so they often are willing to pay higher prices.

Selling on eBay, though, can be difficult if you don’t include the right information. Make sure your ad always has the following elements:

1. Photos

An eBay as with no photos will never sell. Always include photos of your item, taken in good light on a neutral background. Have at least one shot of the whole item and at least one of a close-up or different angle.

If you item is made by a well-known manufacturer or is a popular brand, include a photo of the maker’s mark, logo, or brand name so potential buyers know it’s genuine.

If your item has any flaws or damage, be sure to include images of these areas. Flaws or damage won’t necessarily prevent you from selling, but if a customer buys an item and then discovers it is damaged, they will leave negative feedback and your seller rating will go down.

2. A Descriptive Title

Many people search eBay by keywords, so make sure you have all potential terms in your title. For example, don’t just write, table,❠include, coffee table/side table/ end table.❠This is also a place where you should include size information (women’s petite blazer/jacket size 8/Mâ) and brand or manufacturer (Gorham Chantilly silver teaspoonâ). Use all the available characters for the title.

3. Measurements

Because people are buying sight-unseen, measurements give them greater confidence in their purchase. Include these in the description and you instantly look like a more professional seller.

Clothing sizes vary, so for these items, lay them flat and measure their width at shoulder, chest, waist, and hips. Include sleeve, inseam, and torso length where applicable. For shoes, measure the length, width at the ball, and heel height.

For furniture, include width, depth, and height so buyers know whether the piece will fit in their home.

Even collectibles should have measurements included to help people identify the item. You wouldn’t want to order a snowglobe that you thought would fit in your hand only to discover it’s the size of a beach ball! You customers don’t want to either, so give them as much information as possible.

4. Offer Free Shipping

People always feel like they’re getting a good deal when they don’t have to pay extra for shipping, so offering free shipping gives them more incentive to buy. This doesn’t mean your profit has to take a hit! Figure out the lowers price you’d be willing to accept, add the cost of shipping (picking a flat rate shipping method makes this easy to calculate) and list that as your starting price.

You can also list separate costs for expedited and international shipping and still have the free shipping❠label show up on your listing, so you lose nothing by offering it.

The key to a good eBay as is to share as much information as possible so your potential customers feel they can bid with confidence on a great deal.

What success have you had selling items online? What tricks have you learned from them? Let us know!

photo by bobjudge