How to Buy School Uniforms Like a Pro and Save Big

how to buy school uniformsAs parents anxiously wait for the impending first school bell of the year to ring, thoughts of expenditures are going through their heads. Books, pens, paper, sports and lab and activity fees are all among them. But for some parents, another expense that they will have to endure is uniforms. For these parents, they want to know where to buy cheap school uniforms and save money at the same time. The good news is that it is quite possible.

For those who are really looking to stretch their dollars, a good source is to go with uniforms that are used. In the past, there was a stigma attached to purchasing used clothing as people always associated it with the garments being unclean or worn too much. Those days are gone.

Today, the downward shift of the economy has parents scrambling to save money in any way possible. These hard times have also helped create an explosion of second-hand clothing sources that fill the need for quality previously-owned clothing at a steep discount. The well-known chains have established very strict rules for what they will offer for sale. Sometimes, garments can even be found that still have the price tags on them.

Still kindling the fear of the unknown of buying from a second-hand store? Into recycling? How about checking with other parents in the school? Since children have the nerve to outgrow clothing almost as soon as the price tags are removed, talk to parents of children who have just completed your child’s upcoming grade. These parents have no need for smaller clothing and would love to regroup some of their initial investment.

How about going right to the source? Many schools hold used uniform sales either at the end of a school year or just prior to beginning a new one. These are chances to score them right from the school where you know the history. While this sounds perfect, there is a catch. Other parents know this, too, and will be holding out hope that more parents won’t have the same clothing needs.

But if the mere thought of outfitting your little one with used clothing sends shivers down your spine, there are a multitude of places online to score uniforms. Thanks to good old supply and demand, clothing manufacturers everywhere are trying to copy designs and undercut their competition. They know that what they don’t make up for in profit margin they can more than make up in sheer volume. This is good news for the consumer who has the time to do some research.

Still looking for a great deal? One word: Amazon. The online conglomerate has access to virtually everything you could imagine in the world of uniforms. They offer reliability, fast and inexpensive shipping and are backed by a great reputation so you know exactly where it comes from.

Spending a little time doing research and comparing prices might be a tad boring, but when you consider how quickly clothing costs add up, it’s well worth the effort. For families with multiple children to clothe, finding a good deal is practically a necessity.