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Did you know that this blog is only one aspect of the Free Money Wisdom community?  If you’re not plugged in on Twitter and Facebook, you’re seriously missing out.  Yes, you get the latest blog posts on this site, but you’re missing out on fun conversations, free giveaways,  friendly  debates, and a growing community.

If you want to get connected right away and see what you’ve been missing out, start following me on Twitter and become a fan on my Facebook page.  I sure am excited to hear your thoughts on these communities.  You can only comment so much on each blog post.  Let’s get the conversation started!








Twitter has been fun to be part of recently.  I finally upgraded my cell phone and have found myself being much more active in the Twitter community!  I love reaching out to fans and getting feedback on articles.  Check out the types of conversations I have below; you’re missing out on the conversation!  Follow me @FreeMoneyWisdom

-Letting my fans know what’s going on in my personal life

-Announcements of giveaways and other prizes

-Responding to funny tweets

-Sharing personal finance tips and advice

-Recommending good reads from around the web

-Conversation starters because I like hearing your opinion!



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And don’t miss out on Facebook.  It’s always a good time hearing what other people have to say. Facebook is where fans break out of their shell and become more personal.  It’s also a place where any fan can share or post on my Facebook wall.  I like to call it an inclusive community where all types of conversation is encouraged.


Are you in?

So you have to ask yourself a question now: Am I in?  I really hope you are and amke the dive into the Free Money Wisdom community.  We talk about everything  related  to finance, Biblical stewardship, and retirement.  With a goal of helping each other reach financial freedom, you won’t want to miss out on this.


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