Getting the Best Building Insurance

building insuranceVery few people think about building insurance.  Imagine sitting on your porch at your house on the ocean front.  You sit up in your chair and realize that the waves are growing.  You then get even more scared as you come to the  realization  that your home is built on stilts!

This fear of loss to your home could easily be replaced with a peace of mind through building insurance.  Building insurance is just what it means, insurance that protects your physical structure home in times of disaster.  Types of disaster could include fires, falling trees, wind storms, water damage, and even vandalism!  This type of insurance is of especially great importance if you live in a high risk area.  Looking back, there are thousands of people who regret not owning building insurance after going through hurricane Katrina.


So who needs building insurance and how much?

Anyone who owns a home should have building insurance.  You wouldn’t want to risk the loss of your home, so get building insurance and live life with a peace of mind.  One thing you need to keep in mind is to ensure that you get the right amount of building and contents insurance.  You need to understand the facts and figures so you get enough home insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding your home.  Seems simple enough but it could get pretty complicated actually.

Good resources include online calculators and local surveyors who can assess your home’s true value and tell you how much building insurance you really need.  If you get lucky, you can get an insurance company that offer unlimited coverage in a case of a terrible disaster.


Tips for getting the best price on building insurance

-Get quotes from multiple insurance companies to make sure you’re not paying top dollar for building insurance.

-Did you know that you can combine contents and building insurance?  If your insurance company offers this, this can be a much better rate.  I highly recommend you doing this.

-No claims=lower insurance.  It’s just like speeding tickets.  The less activity on your record, the more insurance companies will trust you.


I hope this has been an informative post on building insurance and what it covers.  Don’t worry about your home, instead get yourself some building insurance!

photo by gusdrinks