Get the Most Energy Out of Your Food

When shopping at the grocery store, there are a couple of things you instinctively do. You are prone to purchase certain items because of their location in the store and lighting surrounding them. You are advertised to by the use of clever design and packaging corporations use on their products. You even buy things you might eventually throw away such as produce, bread, and meat because you are wired to purchase them like a dog is wired to chase its tail. These behaviors can lead us to taking out  title loans in order to pay for our food bills.

One of the things we almost never consider when purchasing food is the energy content and nutrients we get out of it. Things like oatmeal are replaced by Frosted Flakes, real chicken replaced by frozen strips, and real fresh produce for the canned versions. Not only does this practice impact our health, it also takes money right out of our wallets.

In order to know which foods contain the most energy, it is vital to inspect the food label before purchasing. Just because all-natural granola products contain more calories than junk-food cereals, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t purchase them. By carefully analyzing the serving size, fat content, and protein information, you can get more bang out of your food buck.

Taking a look at the cost per-ounce❠on the retailers sales tag is also a good way to find out how much food you are getting. Instead of using the box or original packaging to gauge how much you are getting, this is an objective way to compare prices and pick out the most affordable product.

The Institute of Medicine is lobbying the government to introduce a food labeling system which is similar to the Energy Star program. Clear packaging on the front of products will tell shoppers which foods contain the most energy, nutrients, and health benefits. While purchasing food shouldn’t be as sterile as buying a washer and dryer, it shouldn’t be a completely whimsical experience based on fantasy and cartoon marketing characters.

By shopping smarter, doing research, and purchasing more wholesome food you can save money at the grocery store. Not only will your wallet be fuller, your stomach and energy reserves will appreciate it more throughout the day.