Get $150 in Bonus Cash for the Holidays with the Discover More Card

discover more card Well, it’s that time of year again.  That time when credit card companies offer amazing sign-up bonuses just in time for the holidays.  The Discover More card is one of those examples. This is a card everyone should have in their wallet.  With 5% cash back in rotating categories, it’s a card out to impress!

In an effort to help people ease the burden of holiday shopping, Discover is offering a limited time bonus of $150 in cash just for singing up for their Discover More card.  When will you receive this bonus?  It’s easy; all you have to do is spend $1,000 during the first three months of ownership and you’ll get $150 transferred to your account automatically.  How sweet is that?

Discover decided to sweeten up the pot a little bit and throw in something special in case the bonus cash wasn’t enough.  Right now when you open this card, you’ll get 2% cash back on all Amazon purchases during the first billing period.  This is an awesome perk during the holidays.  Why not get cash back on presents you were planning on buying anyways?


What Discover More Has to Offer

5% cash back bonus– Discover offers this program to the credit card user’s benefit.  They have various rotating categories.  From January to March is travel and restaurants.  From April to June is home and fashion.  June is groceries.  July to September is gas, hotels, movies, and theme parks. Lastly, October to December is restaurants and fashion.  Discover is great about reminidng you to sign up for each rotating category when it changes, so no worries there.

Discover online shopping mall– During the upcoming holidays, you may want to head on over to ShopDiscover, Discover’s online shopping mall.  When you use your Discover card through their online mall, you can receive up to 20% cash back from various vendors.  This may be a great option if you can buy your gifts online vs. going to the store.

Gift cards are king– For some reason, Discover gives you more value in terms of benefits with their gift card cash back.  Instead of receiving cash, you can opt to receive gift cards.  You will have plenty of vendors to choose from and you may find this to be a better value in the end.


Discover More Card Positives

0% APR for six months– This applies to both purchases and transfers.  After the six months is up, the APR will go back to a rate between 11.99% and 20.99%.

No annual fee– This is an added benefit!  This makes the Discover More card an excellent choice for every day consumers during this holiday season.  Combine a $150 bonus, zero interest for six months, and no annual fee, this card is begging to be placed in your wallet.

World class customer service– A reason I recommend Discover over Chase is because Discover offers real people to talk to and is known for their stellar customer service.  I don;t know about you but I hate talking to machines.

Zero fraud liability– No need to worry if you lose your card or it gets stolen, because the Discover More card offers zero fraud liability.  Basically, Discover will reimburses you for any purchases that you didn’t make.  No need for backup documentation, Discover will take your word for it.


Discover More Card Negatives

Foreign transaction fees– This may or may not apply to you depending on how much you travel.  You will be charged a 2% fee when you spend money in a foreign country.  Just be aware of this when you open the Discover More card.

Lost reward points if account is closed– You’ll need to keep your account open if you want to spend your rewards points.  They disappear the moment you close your card.


Discover More Card a Must Have

I highly recommend that open a Discover More card.  With $150 in bonus cash, it just makes sense during this holiday season.  With great features and customer service, this card is a winner.  It’s important to note that this bonus cash is a limited time offer, so you’ll want to jump on this opportunity as soon as you can.

You can visit the Discover application page for the More card by going here.