Genworth Financial Review

genworth financial reviewInsurance has been on my mind recently and I happened to be approached by a mega corporation to do a review.  The corporation is a fortune 500 company called Genworth Financial.  Talk about good timing huh?

Anyways, before I get into what Genworth Financial is all about, I’d like to provide you with some background as well as historical information.

-The Genworth Financial nam can be traced all the way back to 1871 when the first insurance policy was written.

-They have over $100 billion in assets and employ over 6,000 people across the world.

-Three segments make up Genworth Financial: Retirement and Protection, US Mortgage Insurance and International.

-Genworth Financial provides everything from long term life insurance to wealth management to mortgage insurance.


Basically, Genworth Financial is one of the “big boys” that will always be around like an IBM.  Let’s dig into what they offer and what I think about them as a whole:

How do their benefits stack up?

Genworth Financial does not cut corners.  From everything that I have read and researched, they are air tight and don’t try to trick you.  They offer a wide range of policies and are broken out into term and universal plans.  Their term life premiums are also very flexible, providing you with the option to make partial payments if you need it.  Premiums are some of the lowest in the industry and are available in 10, 15, 20, and 30 year time periods.  They also offer completely free financial advisers to answer all your questions.  Not only that but Genworth has gone the extra mile and provided education courses and worksheets to help you better understand your insurance policy!


Do they care about their customers?

It’s always surprising to hear about an insurance company that actually cares about customer service.  Most companies that I’ve called have given me computers, not real people.  With Genworth Financial, that’s not the case.  I personally called them and I got a real human pretty fast.  I asked a couple random questions and all the information I needed was given to me in a very professional and effective manner.


What else do they provide?

Although Genworth Financial does not provide the variety that some other companies do, they make up for it in their dedication to excellent with their insurance products.  I especially love how they combine life insurance and long term health care benefits.  With today’s ever increasing health care costs, Genworth may be a good pick.


In closing…

In terms of life insurance, I would rank Genworth Financial in the top tier.  They know what they’re doing and have had very few complains against them.  You can’t go wrong with these guys.  In fact, I will be considering them for my own life  insurance  policy.