FMW Has Joined the Yakezie Challenge!

yakezie challenge

Free Money Wisdom has joined the elite group of financial bloggers of the Yakezie challenge.  I am thrilled and so excited to be part of such a great community!

For those who don’t know what Yakezie is, it’s a community of personal finance bloggers with the goal of helping each other achieve an Alexa rank of 200,000 or less.  The Yakezie network is the upper echelon of personal finance bloggers. Joining this group of bloggers just made sense for me.  It’s going to be a great way to meet fellow bloggers and help others at the same time.

Since I’m new to the personal finance community, I wanted to surround myself with other well known bloggers.  You know what they say right?  “If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people.”  Like-minded individuals helping each other achieve success, how great is that?!

You will also notice a new badge on the bottom right sidebar.  This isa badge that I proudly link to on my blog.  It resembles my  commitment  to selflessly promote other blogs and contribute to the Yakezie community.  I’m excited about where Free Money Wisdom is going.  Above all else, I cannot wait to write more articles and hopefully help you, my readers, make better financial decisions for your life and personal future.

So, come with me on this challenge!  Tell all your friends, family and neighbors about this momentous occasion, because the Yakezie challenge has officially begun!